Trapped by my Father’s Killer (2020 Lifetime)

Trapped by my Father’s Killer (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Lindy BoothCraig OlejnikJon McLaren

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Five years after sending Louis to jail for the murder of her father and fiance, Diana returns home to find that he has escaped from prison and has come to confront her. However, the man has not come for revenge but rather wants her to understand that she put an innocent man away. Captive in her own home, Diana is resistant. But as time progresses, she starts to question what she saw that night as well as her own testimony. Eventually, she even starts to develop feelings for the man. But is he really a cold-blooded killer out for revenge? Or did she Diana, really put an innocent man away?


A prisoner escapes from jail, runs through the woods to a nearby neighborhood, and steals a car. His name is Louis Allen.

At a club, a socialite turned recluse, Diana is sad and drunk on the dance floor. Her brother tries to get her out of the house and come out of hiding. When she gets overwhelmed and throws up, she is cared for by her concerned brother, Chris, and his wife, Trudy. Diana comes home to her large empty house and calls a booty call her lawyer Martin. Then she goes to bed but hears bumps in the night.

The news of the escaped convict hits the new waves. Diana has a panic attack because she is the one who put him behind bars for the murder of her father and her fiance. Chris and Trudy are concerned for Diana and try to convince her to sell the family estate. They want her to move on. Chris is so supportive and cute; he must be up to something. This IS Lifetime, after all. 

Another night goes by, Diana is alone in her house again. She hears someone downstairs and goes to check it out. The alarm is off, and the door is open. Nothing strange in Diana’s eyes! She makes some tea and then runs straight into Louis Allen in his orange jumpsuit. She smashes him in the face with a vase and tries to make her escape. Louis catches her and tells her that “he is in control.” Then he ties her up. 

Louis takes a shower and walks around shirtless. Then he (sadly) gets dressed and explains to Diana that she saw him in a compromising position… you know… cradling the dead body of her father. He maintains his innocence and plans on forcing her to exonerate him. Diana isn’t ready to do that. She hits him in the face with a toilet cover and makes a run for it. She almost makes it to the police outside her estate, but he catches her and drags her back inside.

Diane recalls her memories from the murders’ day and realizes that she never actually saw Louis murder anyone. She was trying on her wedding dress and zooming with Trudy when she heard the gunshots. Louis points out all the ways he was framed and implies that Martin might not be as trustworthy as he may seem. Next, we literally watch them eat TV dinners in the dark for a whole scene. So that is boring!

The next morning, Diana has an unexpected visitor. The cleaning lady. Nothing happens with that, so moving on. Diana takes a shower and then gives Louis access to the security footage. He thinks it is strange that her father didn’t react afraid of his killer, and her fiance reacts the same. They knew the killer. To prove his point takes to the scene of the crime, the garage. He retraces the steps of the murder. They are interrupted by the cops at the front door checking on Diana’s wellbeing. She convinces them to leave her alone.

They review the footage and see Diana’s fiance put the phone in a garage drain. It is the evidence they need to prove Louis innocent. When she pulls the phone from the drain, she says, “the batteries dead.” No duh! 

Again they are interrupted, this time by Martin. Louis knocks him out, and they tie him to a chair. Diana demands to know the truth as they interrogate him. Trudy and Chris show up and fight with Louis. While they fight, Diana watches the footage on the phone and sees her brother kill her fiance. Chris and Trudy chase after Louis and Diana. Chris even shoots his sister!!!! 

The police show up on the scene and are miles behind from catching the killers. 

Diana emails the video to herself and then hides behind a tree. She screams at her brother for shooting her and demands to know why. Chris explains that it was all for the money. Chris and Louis fight some more. Diana hits Chris with a log and gets punched in the face by her brother. He almost smashes Diana’s head in with a rock, but the police pull him away. 

The police take both men into custody, Trudy too. Louis is exonerated and thankful to Diana for clearing his name. He returns to his daughter. Diana sells the estate and drives off to start her new life.  

Side Note

Minority Report: Cop

Also Known as Eyewitness 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime


  1. Quick correction from your info. The cops didn’t pull her brother away from smashing her head with the rock, it was Louis. Most of these movies are pretty lame, predictable and pretty much weak stories. but, once in a while there is a GEM in the mix and this movie turned out to have a pretty damn good story with good acting and a good final scene. This was a good one for sure! Lindy booth is not only beautiful but she’s a damn good actress and I always enjoy when she’s in a movie regardless if it’s a lifetime movie or a Hallmark movie. The guy that played Louis was really good to Anna far as the Chris character actor, a.k.a. Jesse Stanton from heartland, dude is a really good “bad guy” actor.

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