A Very Charming Christmas Town (2020 Lifetime)

A Very Charming Christmas Town (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Natalie HallJon PrescottKelley JakleMark HapkaJo Marie Payton

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

City girl and travel and lifestyle blogger, Aubrey Lang, goes to Solvang’s little town for her next holiday vlog piece after it’s voted Most Christmassy Town in the USA. She soon meets Sawyer Larsen, a local community coordinator and chocolate shop owner assigned to show her around the small town. At first, the unlikely pairing is at odds but soon start to fall for each other amidst the twinkling lights of the romantic little Danish village.


Solvang is a “charming danish village” with Christmas everything plus windmills. Aubrey is a blogger. Her boss/sister, Reagan, wants her to go to Solvang, the USA’s most Christmasy town. Reagan books her a room and sends her out to the town. When she arrives in town, she is almost run over by a handsome stranger. (Who likes like an older Tyler Cameron.) She takes pictures of the town and watches the Christmas tree lighting. (Should have been a windmill!) Then Aubrey heads to the inn. 

Inn owner, Laurel, is worried about reservations being down for the holidays and gets ready for the season with her husband Hayden and the handsome stranger, Sawyer. Hayden welcomes Aubrey with a warm hug like she is family and shows her to her room. Then they pour her some wine and force Aubrey to decorate a Christmas tree with them. 

To get to know the town, Aubrey goes to the community advisor, who hooks her up with his son Sawyer. Aubrey and Sawyer bicker because she wants the REAL story of Solvang. He thinks Aubrey is shallow and superficial. In exchange for an autograph for his niece. (Aubrey is a famous songwriter.) Sawyer agrees to give her the real tour. 

The first stop is Estelle’s Christmas shop. (His godmother’s store.) Aubrey buys some white flamingos and continually talks about how much she loves sweets. Next, Aubrey visits the town bakery, which is owned by Sawyer’s mother. Then his sister Chocolate store. Soooo is the town just stores? Oh, wait, they go to a concert at the town theater. (Remember Theatre? Sigh.) 

Aubrey and Sawyer walk through the town with candles and don’t sing Christmas Carols. They talk about storks bringing good luck. The next day the four new friends participate in a Christmas parade and then dance to one of Aubrey’s Christmas songs. Aubrey decides to stay in town even longer; her boss/sister is understanding and pushes Aubrey to follow the LOVE. Aubrey inexplicably puts Sawyer in the friend zone. 

Aubrey has been writing songs and overhears Laurel singing and is inspired. She asks why Laurel doesn’t sing, and Laurel shares that her father died in a car accident. He wanted to be a musician, but her mother thought it was not very sensible, so she dropped it. 

While on a scavenger hunt that lasts way too long, Aubrey’s blog post is published. The title? Solvang: Santa’s Tourist Trap. Laurel sees the post and feels so betrayed that she interrupts a Christmas kiss. Aubrey tries to explain it is a mix-up, and she sent the wrong draft to her sister. Aubrey leaves embarrassed to sulk in LA. 

Aubrey posts a follow up blog post because it is a blog, and you can post whatever you want. She gest a package from Solvang from Laurel, apologizing for freaking out. It includes the storks. The town sees the new post and forgives Aubrey. Which is good because she shows up with a new track that she had a DJ make up for her lickety-split. She brings the track for Laurel to perform her new Christmas song. (Which isn’t bad, but is a slow jam for sure.)

Sawyer loves the new article and Aubrey. They kiss the end.

Side Note

Minority Report: Estelle, Chocolatier,  

Written and Directed by out fav cutie Jake Helgren

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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