A Christmas For Mary (2020 OWN)

A Christmas For Mary (2020 OWN)

Cast: Vivica A. FoxJackée HarryMorgan Dixon

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Synopsis (via OWN)

Up-and-coming journalist Lena Jones is tasked with delivering a story by Christmas that will wow her boss, magazine editor Vivian Vaye, who is dangling a promotion to head writer over Lena’s head. Intrigued by a portrait of a mysterious woman painted by her late grandfather, Lena journeys to the small town of Pineville, wherewith her mother’s blessing and support, Lena uncovers a long-ago forgotten tale of young love that not only uncovers cherished memories of the past, but also inspires Lena to follow her heart and find her own true love – and her perfect Christmas story.


Ms. Vivica A Fox has no brand loyalty, and I love her for it. She is over at OWN making a holiday flick with her “Wrong Series” collaborator David DeCoteau. I go where Ms. Vivica A Fox goes. Let’s get into the movie!

Ms. Vivica A Fox plays a magazine editor who gives her assistant Lena the opportunity to write a Christmas story for the publication. Lean is in need of a story quickly. She tells her mother, Jackée Harry, about the potential job. Lena’s cousin is getting married, leaving Lena the only single one in her family for Christmas. 

Lena heads up to the attic and finds a black dancing Santa and some old painting with a woman named Mary. (Who is NOT her grandmother.) and a journal. Lena thinks there could be a story there and heads to Pineville. (After pitching it to Ms. Vivica A Fox, who is, of course, supportive but nonsense.) 

Pineville is a mountain town but doesn’t seem that cold. Lena stops by a library and immediately meets Mary. (There are a lot in town.) The library Mary, damn I’m rhyming, she says that the Mary Lena is looking for passed away and was a legend in town. The archives started in 1995, so there isn’t much research Lena can do. She visits Mary’s cafe to ask the family for help.

At the Cafe, Lena meets a man named Michael, who is the grandson of Mary. She tells him about why she is in town, and he sets up a date to talk it over while he isn’t working at the cafe in a deranged Santa suit. (Unfortunately, he doesn’t take it off for the date.) They bake cookies and do not have a flour fight. Michael invites Lena over to his place for lunch. He is going to look through his grandmother’s things to search for info on Clarance. (Lena’s grandfather.) 

Now in normal clothing, Michael finds old love letters. They will be very helpful for Lena’s article. Word gets out about the story, and Michael’s brother isn’t as supportive. He doesn’t want her looking into the past and revealing an affair. 

Michael turns out to have a girlfriend named Stephanie. Lena is like, “Your what now?” She reluctantly goes to dinner with Michael and his family for the story. Stephanie is the worst. Lucky got us; she travels a lot and is gone for the next scene. Michael and Lena find a letter from Mary to Clarence. The two start spending time together and take a painting class. Michael talks about his love of New York, and Lena talks about how nice SanFransico is. (That is where she lives.) 

They interview more people about Mary. She missed her chance with Clearance and married Michael’s grandfather. Blah blah blah. Let’s wrap this up. 

The family sings Jingle Bells, and it may be the best part of the movie (Minus Ms. Vivica A Fox and Jackée.) because they can actually sing. Michaels mother tells him that he should date Lena because they are destined to be together. Lena thinks so too and kisses Michael even though he has a girlfriend. Michael is conflicted. Should be date Lena or move to New York (His very lame dream.) with Spehanie even though he doesn’t even like her. 

Ms. Vivica A Fox loves the article and hires a new hunk personal assistant. Lena gets the promotion. Lena should be happier than she is because all she wants is Michael now. 

Michael and Stephanie break up. She seems unphased, and his parents are thrilled. He shows up in his terrible Santa suit and tells Lena that he loves her. They kiss and then a voice over happens of Lena’s article as Ms. Vivica A Fox reads it on her phone while looking fabulous. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: The cast is BIPOC. 

This movie was very very slow. 

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Overall Rating

🎄🎄 (2 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 OWN

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