Inn Love by Christmas (2020 Lifetime)

Inn Love by Christmas (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Jonna WalshJesse HutchJayne Eastwood 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

corporate ladder in the hotel industry. She doesn’t get back to her small hometown much, but this year her Gram has finally convinced her to come home for Christmas. Mandy has another reason, too: the quaint local inn is for sale, and she wants to acquire it for her company. With her eyes on the prize, Mandy travels back home, but on her way there, she runs into none other than Lucas Menzino, her high school rival- and it turns out he’s got his eye on the inn as well.


Mandy is busy with work but not too busy to take a Facetime from her Gram. (Jayne Eastwood has been in so many TV movies this year. She is terrific.) Her assistant Greg patiently waits for her as she has her conversation and drives her to the airport. (He seems like the best person ever.) When Mandy lands, she is surprised to learn that her rental car has already been checked out by a guy named Lucas. (Who happens to be a classmate from high school.) They take a road trip back to their hometown and catch up along the way. Surprise, surprise, they are both recently single. A mac and cheese-eating competition happen—typical road trip fare.

Tammy owns an Inn in town and is selling the business. Mandy’s hotel corporation is interested in the property. Lucas is also interested in buying the inn because he is a chef and wants to spend more time with his family. They will both stay at the inn to try to win over Tammy.  

Mandy visits her BFF in town, who warns her about Lucas. Then she goes to her Grams house and is confused when Lucas shows up. Gram is dating Lucas’s grandpa. They are adorable and planning to move in with one another. Lucas and Mandy agree to help move Grandpa in. Mandy is overwhelmed with the news and can’t deal. 

The two get suck in a cabin, because why not! They talk more about why they would like to take over the inn. Chef Lucas makes Mandy a pickle and mustard. (Which doesn’t sound bad to me.) Even though they are technically rivals, they are very nice to one another. Oh boy, Lucas plays the guitar and sings an emo version of “Silent Night.” The next morning they have a snowball fight around a car.  

Mandy decides to make some upgrades to the inn to convince Tammy that she is the one for the job. Cue a decorating/HGTV montage. (I love a good makeover.) Then it is Lucas’s turn to impress Tammy with his menu proposal, which includes Chicken Cordon Blu and Oysters Rockafeller. (This movie must take place in the ’80s with those offerings.) Tammy asks for another day to consider will land the deal. 

Still, Mandy and Lucas are not competitive in any way and seem to be happy no matter who gets the inn. They get into the nicest bidding war I’ve ever seen. 

Some blonde lady named Ashley announces loudly at a party that Mandy won’t be staying in town if she gets the inn. Tammy can’t sell the inn to Mandy now because the town would turn on her. 

Mandy makes an announcement of her own. She removes her offer on the inn and tells everyone that she loves her hometown because she is a small-town girl at heart! Then she introduces pop star, GinnyZee! She lip-syncs a Christmas original. (I have no idea, is this person really a pop star, and I’m that out of touch?) This movie is so random. The publicity books every room in the inn until Valentine’s Day. 

Mandy gets the inn and is going to be moving closer to home. She hires Lucas as the chef for the inn. Then they kiss. The end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Greg, Dave, Jackie, 

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Tree)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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