Unlocking Christmas (2020 Hallmark Movie & Mysteries)

Unlocking Christmas (2020 Hallmark Movie & Mysteries)

Cast: Taylor ColeSteve LundElena Juatco

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

When a mysterious key and a holiday riddle arrive on their doorsteps, Kate and Kevin embark on a Christmas romance adventure they’ll never forget.


Kate moves into a furnished home over the holidays to finish her medical fellowship. Her realtor welcomes Kate and then welcomes her military son, Kevin, home as well. (Steve Lund has full-on Quarantine hair in this one.)

Kevin and Kate almost literally run into one another in a coffee shop. Then Kate is her doctor and looks at an injury he has had to his leg while parachuting in active duty. Kevin is a funny guy and asks for a lollipop. He is stubborn.

A random gift shows up at Kate’s door with a key inside and a riddle. Kevin gets the same key and looks at it inquisitively. At 7:30 pm, they both head out to find the first lockbox’s location in the town square Christmas tree. They both use their keys to open the lock together and then go their separate ways. The next day they decide to work together on the scavenger hunt. 

As they search, Kate and Kevin get to know one another. Kate’s parents are dead, and she tries to keep their holiday traditions alive. The notes tell them that they need to recreate a tradition together. They organize an ornament decorating party for kids in the hospital. Then they do a potato sack race and look for more clues at the museum. 

They find the next clue and will have to send Christmas cheer to someone they don’t know. They decide to send Christmas cards to the troops. Well, they make a video of people waving six days before Christmas. Close enough. It’s the thought that counts.

The next clue takes them to a Christmas Tree lighting with pyrotechnics?!?! It is the most hardcore. Then an ugly Christmas sweater happens where they open a twisty locked canister with the word “GIVING.” Inside is another clue asking them to donate a gift to the toy drive. 

Kevin gets a call from his recruiter, and he gets a job interview that would take him away from his hometown. Kate also gets an offer to move out of town for a job. They both contemplate for the next few scenes but not with one another. 

Kevin calls and declines the offer, and Kate only overhears the beginning of the conversation. She storms off and takes the job in Chicago. Kevin and Kate get into an argument, and he gives her a final clue. Which includes horseback riding lessons. (WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING I HATE THIS!)

After a commercial, Kate finds out the true and realizes that she was mistaken. Kate arranges for a horse drawn carriage to pick up Kevin as a grand gesture apology. Kevin’s parents were behind the whole clue thing, Kate is staying in town, and so is Kevin. They kiss in the snow. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Carolyn, Mayor, Kimberley, Jackson, Liz,

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Hallmark Crown Media

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