His Killer Fan (2021 Lifetime)

His Killer Fan (2021 Lifetime)

Cast:  Brooke ButlerGary WeeksTeressa LianeRyan Cooper 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When up-and-coming musician Ariana Kent (Brooke Butler) gets the opportunity to perform a duet with Josh Halliday (Ryan Cooper) at his concert, she thinks her dreams of romance with the rock superstar are finally going to come true. That is until he lays eyes on her best friend, Kaylee (Teressa Liane), sitting in the front row. After repeated attempts to seduce Josh fail, Ariana pretends to support Josh and Kaylee’s romance. But as her obsession with Josh continues to grow, Ariana’s true intentions come to light. Deena Dill co-stars. (2021)


The movie begins with a man and a woman kissing. The man looks scared/confused as hell. She starts singing to him and tells him that she lived her whole life for him and stabs him with a knife.

The movie cuts to the killer woman, Ari, singing at her BFF’s, Kaylee, father’s funeral. Ari is more interested in how she sounded than helping her greaving friend. Kaylee’s mom, Tina, is struggling without her husband. (By struggling, I mean she burns dinner and orders takeout “too much.” Kaylee quits med school and stays home to take care of her mom or party with Ariana.

Ariana takes Kaylee out for a night of drinking and a Josh Holiday concert. (He is the hot, confused guy from the beginning of the movie.) Ariana is brought on stage for A Star is Born “Shallow” knock-off. Ariana and Josh are no Lada Gaga and Bradly Cooper. They are the Lifetime version of that. (Which is Canadians who can kind of sing.) 

Backstage, Ariana is desperate to win Josh over. (She literally pushes Kaylee out of the way.) Josh seems more into Kaylee and plans to meet up with them at one of Ariana’s gigs. Later, at the bar, Ari takes the stage leaving Kaylee alone front and center. Josh shows up trying to be incognito and sits with Kaylee. Ari gets jealous and calls him up on stage to sing a duet with her. Only he doesn’t; Josh sings a love song to Kaylee. Ari runs off stage and screams in the alley next to a trash bag. Then she bangs some garbage cans and throws a bottle. Ari is going through it. 

With Ariana out of the way, Josh and Kaylee talk and grow even closer. Kaylee talks about her dad’s heart attack and how helpless it left her feeling. Josh offers to drive her home and take her out on a date. Kaylee doesn’t want to upset her friend, and Josh tells her to bring Ariana along. 

On the two-on-one date, Ariana tries to outshine Kaylee by looking exactly like her. Ariana is jealous after seeing tabloids reporting on Josh’s new relationship with Kaylee. They go to the recording studio, and Arian can’t stop herself from jumping in the studio and sings terribly. (The producer is not into it.) Josh introduces his popstar friend Madison. Ariana wants to know if they ever dated and asks too many questions. Josh sneaks Kaylee to a pond, and they skip rocks while making out. Then he drives her home and listens to her heartbeat with a stethoscope. (I’d play doctor with Ryan Cooper  ANYTIME.)

Kaylee comes clean about her budding relationship with Josh to Ariana. Ari is surprisingly cool with it. Someone isn’t because a dead fish head shows up on Kaylee’s doorstep with a threatening note. Ariana is quick to blame Josh’s fans and Madison. When Kaylee tells Josh, he is sure that it is Ariana.

Ariana goes to an open mic and sings a song about killing her best friend. Then she trashes the stage like a true rockstar. Then she goes to the studio, holds Madison at gunpoint, and forces her to record a song trashing Josh. Then she kills her and makes it look like an overdose. 

Josh and Kayle have sex, and she is excited to be his girlfriend, but Josh isn’t into labels. Kaylee has no self-respect and agrees; then, she introduces him to her mother. (Tina was in an accident when the girls were kids and is in a wheelchair and on medication for epilepsy) Tina finds Ariana’s journal and knows that Ari hates her daughter. She texts Ari and tells her to come to the house to talk.

Ariana shows up with her gun and locks the door behind her. Tina confronts Ariana about the journal and is held at gunpoint and forced to drink on her medication. Tina notices cigarette burns on Ariana’s arm, which triggers a flashback.

Little Ariana and Little Kaylee sing while wearing wigs. Ari tries to peer-pressure Kaylee into smoking a cigarette, and Tina catches them. Little Ariana pushed Tina down the stairs in the act of revenge. 

Back in the current time, Tina realizes that Ari is responsible for her paralysis. She grabs the gun and shoots it at Ariana, but the gun doesn’t have bullets. Ariana pushes Tina down the stairs again and calls 911. Then she calls Kaylee and tells her that her mother had an accident. 

Kaylee and Josh rush to the hospital. Kaylee can’t forgiver herself for leaving her mother home alone and going to a music industry party. Josh gives Ariana a ride home, and he is suspicious of her story about Tina. Josh drops her off and tells her that he love Kaylee.

Tina wakes up in the hospital and tells Kaylee that Ariana pushed her down the stairs. Kaylee doesn’t even care and thinks her mother is delusional. 

Madison’s body is found, and there is a suicide note confessing her love for Josh. I guess Ariana killed her to tear Josh and Kaylee apart? It seems like a pretty stupid reason to kill the only black girl in this movie. 

Even though Tina has already told her daughter what happened, Kaylee goes home to think things over. Ariana shows up with a knife and screams at her former BFF. Ariana calls Kaylee a liar and a backstabber. Josh shows up and looks for Kaylee. He tricks Ariana into sings with him for a bit and then tries to take her out with his guitar. It doesn’t work and Ariana pushes him down the stairs.

We are back to the beginning of the movie. Ariana is straddling Josh and singing to him, and professing her love for him. She grabs the knife and stabs him. Kaylee tackles her former friend, and the women struggle on the ground. Kaylee strangles Ariana with her stethoscope. Then Kaylee stabs Ariana with the knife.

Cut to a tribute concert for Madison. More singing happens. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Jerry, Will, Record Exec, Madison, Reporter, 

 I’m super bummed my fav Lifetime “hot dad” (Gary Weeks) is dead at the beginning of this movie.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2021 Lifetime® | A+E Networks®

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