Saving my Daughter (2021 Lifetime)

Saving my Daughter (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Alicia Leigh WillisAshley JonesRobert PralgoLaurie Fortier 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman tries to uncover the truth behind her teenage daughter’s second disappearance. (2021)


Joanna, a blonde woman, is in the park with her blonde daughter, Chloe Kennedy. Someone kidnaps the child. The trauma haunts Joanna, even though her daughter was found safe and is now 18.

Chloe and Joanna plan a girl’s night on the anniversary of her kidnapping. Trey, the father/husband, will be out of town for work. Leaving the girls home alone. 

The neighbors’ Mandy, and her abusive second husband, Craig, agree to keep an eye on Chloe when Joanna is called into work for the night shift. They have a son named Kyle, who might be gay. Chloe skips school with a cutie boy named Javier. 

Joanna gets a call from the detective who worked on Chloe’s case and warns her that the woman who kidnapped Chloe has been released from jail. The woman’s name is Brittany. 

When Joanna gets home from work, she is horrified to see that Chloe is not home, and it looks like she ran away. She runs to Mandy’s house and freaks out. (I guess they are best friends or something. This movie leaves a lot of things ambiguous for the sake of “mystery.” But really, it is bad writing.) The police won’t help until 72 hours because there is no evidence of foul play. 

Cut to a dead body in the woods. (I think it is Craig stabbed), an abandoned cabin in the woods, and Chloe is trapped under the stairs? Whatever!

Tyler comes home early from his work trip to help find his daughter. Jo tells Tyler that she knows something is wrong and “feels it in her bones.” (Eyeroll.) Everyone blames Javier, who is Black. It isn’t a good look. Not at all. 

Brittney checks into her halfway house after a night of mysterious debauchery. Her roommate talks about snoring, and the nurse Sabrina is no-nonsense. 

Or course, Jo tracks down Brittney’s sister and demands to know where Brittney’s halfway house is. Jo rushes past the front desk and screams at Brittney to give her back her daughter. Brittney doesn’t know anything. Then Jo gets a video from Chloe saying she is fine and is going away to New York for a few days.

Jo won’t accept that and interrogates Javier at his place of employment. He says the video is strange because Chloe isn’t a fan of big cities. Javier apologizes for acting too cool for school, and Jo apologizes for being racist. (Or at least for “the way she talked to him.”

Next, Brittney and Jo have a reunion. Brittney explains why she kidnapped Chloe. Her daughter died, and she lost her mind with grief. Brittney maintains that she had nothing to do with the kidnapping… THIS TIME. 

Mandy did. I guess Mandy kidnapped Chloe after she caught Mandy in the act of covering up for Kyle, who murdered her second husband, Craig. They buried the body in the woods, and now Chloe is in the basement, so she won’t tell anyone. Great, mystery solved. Is the movie over now?

Nope, the movie flashes back to show us what happened. Mandy can’t trust Chloe and keeps her in the basement while she figures it out. Chloe takes her opportunity and knocks Mandy out with a lunch tray. Chloe frantically tries to get away, but the car won’t start. She is thrown back into the basement. Mandy will go to any length to protect Kyle. 

Jo pieces everything together from a photo of a clock that matches a clock in the background of Chloe’s video. Kyle confirms that the clock is at their family cabin and takes Jo on the hour drive to the middle of nowhere. They find Mandy at the cabin and are confused.

Mandy pulls a gun on her son and BFF. Mandy admits to killing Craig… but she blames it on Kyle? Whatever who cares.

Chloe escapes from the basement with a rubber mallet. She sneaks up behind Mandy and tries to take her out, but Mandy and Jo end up wrestling over the gun, shooting Mandy.

Six months later, it is graduation day. Chloe and Kyle wear their cap and gowns while talking about Mandy. She is in jail for murder now.

Side Note

Minority Report: Reporter Javier and his friends, Amar, Detective Chen, Sabrina, hot cop,  

Simple things like daytime/nighttime continuity were hard for this movie. 

Also Known as Double Kidnapped. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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