Memories of a Murder (2021 Lifetime)

Memories of a Murder (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Isabella Pisacane, Jamie Donnelly, Abby Awe

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A clerk uncovers her family’s dark history while trying to sell souvenirs from an unsolved crime. (2021)


The movie begins in a parking lot at night. A dorky teen with curly locks gets out of his car and follows a murder tour route, leading him into a dive bar. He asks questions about G.W Stubbs murdering Anna Tuner, which pisses off the bartender who calls the dorky teen a “Helter Skelter weirdo.” The teen doesn’t back down and talks about his jacket being from a campfire killer. He is kicked out of the bar for being a freak. 

Cut to Gail, another teen, with terrible fashion; she lives with her Grandma, Margot. Gail celebrates getting into college with her BFF Alexa until she remembers Margot doesn’t want her to go away for school. The friends go to Gail’s family souvenir shop called Morbid Curiosity and save a mouse. Then they find a package while cleaning up some graffiti. The package contains a copy of Crime and Punishment, a knife block, and a small figurine. A call comes into the store asking for help; the items belong to a serial killer. The caller accuses Gail’s father of being a killer too. 

Next, a Detective from Traverse City stops by the shop. Her name is Janice. The teen with the jacket was murdered, and Gail sold it to him. 

Margot sings creepy songs while going through Gail’s things. She finds the college admissions letter. She is controlling of Gail and withholding information about Gail’s parents. Margot doesn’t want Gail to go to college and leave her. Who will run the store?

More packages full of items from crime scenes come to the shop. The caller calls again and tells Gail that her parents didn’t die in an accident. The caller also says that Gail’s father is G.W. Stubbs. The detective shows up again and has more questions about the teen with the jacket. I’m sensing a pattern here. A very BORING pattern.

Gail rummages through some old things and finds a birth certificate from Traverse City with G.W. Stubbs and her mother’s name on the certificate. Then she does some online research and learns that GW Stubbs was apprehended due to a traffic accident that leads to his capture. Then she goes to the jail and interviews G.W. Stubbs. She asks him about his family life and his daughter… who could be her. 

The only redeemable moment in this movie is when Alexa answers the phone at the store, and the caller begins with a creepy speech. Alexa hands up the phone and is out of there so quick. Haha! It was great.

On her way home, Gail is stopped by the detective, who pulls her over. Gail thinks she is in trouble because she slashed a bully’s tires. Alexa thinks Gail is acting suspicious, and they get into an argument. Who knows what about it. Gail crosses a line and tells Alexa that her family doesn’t want her. Alexa kicks Gail out the house!

Grandma Margot realizes that Gail knows who her father really is. She tells Gail that she didn’t want to make the same mistakes with Gail that she did with G.W. Gail screams at her grandmother and runs into the woods because why not! Gail calls the officer who comes by to find Gail with a knife standing over Grandma Margot’s body. 

The detective arrests Gail and then reveals that she is the daughter of a victim of G.W. Stubbs. She is seeking revenge and pulls a gun on Gail. Since Gail is double-jointed like her father, she escapes the handcuffs and strangles the detective with a garden hose. 

Gail visits G.W. Stubbs and asks him about her mother. Then she leaves and looks at the Detective who is on the woman’s side of the prison.

Gail packs up her things and moves out of town with Alexa. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Alexa, Janice, Guard

Also Known As: Souvenirs

Jamie Donnelly (Grandma Margot) is best known as Jan in Grease, 

This is a Lifetime acquisition from Canada, and it shows. Very boring. Very slow. Lots of bleeped-out curse words. 

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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