Sisters for Life (2021 Lifetime)

Sisters for Life (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Briana Femia, Maddison Bullock, Heather Lynn Harris

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Jana is excited to welcome the new pledge class to her sorority. She and her best friend, Arielle, interview several candidates, but Jana immediately connects with Bailee, a transfer student who is keen to form a sisterhood with the girls in the sorority. Although Arielle is skeptical of Bailee’s inconsistent story and eagerness to be initiated, she ultimately joins the sorority. Once a member, Bailee’s attachment to Jana grows into an obsession as she constantly appears wherever Jana is. While Jana tries to distance herself from Bailee, strange things begin to happen, and she suddenly finds her other relationships in grave danger. Maddison Bullock, Briana Femia, Heather Harris star. (2021)


If you thought you were getting nuns, you were dead wrong. 

A college coed packs her bags frantically until she has strangled with a braided rope. IT IS SCARY! The killer takes a fox stuffed animal, which undercuts the moment and makes me LOL.

The sisters of Bata Deta Chi get ready for a sorority pledging event. They have a lot of energy. The potential pledges have an interview montage, and one girl stands out. (Not because of her camo jacket.) Her name is Bailey, and she impresses queen bees, Jana and Ari. Cori and Samantha make it in over Bailey. (She doesn’t take it well and actually seems personally slighted.) No matter, because Cori’s face is brutally smashed into her car trunk, and her body is thrown over the parking garage. Freeing up a spot for Bailey!

Jana and her gay boyfriend, Kyle, celebrate a science accomplishment (she joins a grant research team.) with a picnic on the quad. She will have to put in late-night hours in the lab.

Bailey moves into the sorority house and has a mysterious locked box with her. She is quick to put on her letters and take selfies for social media. Later, Bailey becomes aggressive with her roommate after she gets too close to the lockbox. 

Jana chugs coffee at a late-night lab session and is surprised to have Bailey bring her dinner and insist on staying. Bailey opens up about her twin sister, who died, in front of her. Bailey seems to be taking the sister thing a little too seriously for Jana’s liking.

When Jana spends too much time with Ari and Kyle, Bailey gets jealous and corrupts the data with a virus. Bailey offers to get the data off the cloud to earn Jana’s trust and puts a wedge between Jana and Ari. Bailey even sleeps in Jana’s bed, which is kind of gay.

Speaking of gay, Gay Kyle strips down in the locker room and hits the showers; I guess he is a jock, but his twink body says otherwise. He has sex with Jana in the showers while Bailey watches. Kyle doesn’t like Bailey because he says she is needy.

Ari and Samantha start to doubt Bailey’s past college experience and try to catch her in a lie. They don’t get the opportunity because Bailey steals money from the sorority to buy drugs and frames Samantha by pouring Ketamine into her teacup. She OD’s, and the police are called. They find drugs in Ari’s room, and she is kicked out of the sorority. Everyone just turns on Ari, and I don’t like it. (They did Ari dirty.) 

Jana gets a semester abroad researching since she did so well recovering the corrupt data. Bailey realizes her mistake, breaks into the lab to trash the place and attacks Dr. Leeman, Jana’s mentor. The thing is, she used Jana’s key car to gain access and covers for Jana when campus security questions her. 

Kyle gets ready for some more sexy shower time, which I’m not mad about, but he is when Bailey shows up to have some of her “sisters” man. When he rejects her, she shoves him up against the shower tile knocking him unconscious.  

In the hospital, Bailey tries to pull Kyle’s plug. She coos. “What a waste of fine man meat.” Bailey is caught and visits Cori’s room instead to see what she remembers from the attack. While the sisters leave the hospital, Jana freaks out on Bailey and tells her to give her some space. 

Ari shows up, and Jana cries in her arms. They go to the library and meet a girl named Violet who tells them about Bailey being obsessed with her sister Lynn. The stories are very similar, except Lynn was found hung to death in the school boiler room. Bailey doesn’t take Lynn spiling her secrets well and kills her with a BOOK. WHAT IS UP WITH KILLING WITH BOOKS, LIFETIME?!?!

Jana breaks into the mysterious box and finds drugs, Cori’s pin, the fox stuffed animal, and pictures of everyone she has ever fixated on. Jana steals the items and hides under the bed until Bailey catches her.

Bailey kidnaps Ari and drugs her using her as bait to lure Jana to her. Jana shows up with a knife, but Bailey quickly gets rid of it. She ensured they would be alone in the sorority house so she could force Jana to kill Ari and make it look like a suicide. It is her MO and what Bailey did to her twin sister and Lynn.

Ari fake passes out to throw Bailey off, it works and Jana takes her opportunity to stab Bailey with Cori’s pin. Ari gets untied but passes out for real. Jana forces Ketamine down Bailey’s throat and holds her at knife point until she passes out. Bailey tells Jana she is the “meanest sister” she has ever had. (LOL!)

Jana waits by Kyle’s bedside while his nurse boyfriend checks his vitals.

Bailey is locked in a mental institution. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Ari, Dr. Leeman, Unnamed sorority sisters, 

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