Secrets In The Wilderness (2021 Lifetime)


Secrets In The Wilderness (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Stephanie Bennett, Stafford Perry, Kylee Bush

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Seeking marriage counseling becomes a dangerous endeavor when pregnant wife Lisa is forced to do rigorous bonding activities in the remote wilderness with her emotionally distant husband, Tyler. As Lisa struggles to keep up with the activities and connect with Tyler, she begins to question their counselor’s intentions. Will Lisa uncover the truth before her marriage goes completely off track? Stephanie Bennett, Stafford Perry, Kylee Bush star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Lisa is running from someone with a gun. She attempts to call 911, but there is no cell services deep in the woods. Her injured husband calls out for help.

Flash to three weeks earlier, Lisa is having her gay friends over for dinner while her husband, Tyler, is away is aspen. Her friend Stephanie is concerned about all the alone time Lisa has been spending, but Lisa insists things are fine. That isn’t true because she is pregnant, and Tyler isn’t excited about it. He tells her it isn’t a great time for a baby and tells her to get an abortion. It gets ugly. (What isn’t ugly is Tyler being shirtless the whole scene.) 

Tyler apologizes with flowers and asks Lisa to go to a marriage counselor to work on their marriage. She tearily agrees, but I would never have forgiven him for how he reacted. They immediately meet with an attractive redheaded therapist named Alana. Lisa talks about being lonely. Alana invites them to a getaway marriage retreat with her in the woods. Lisa agrees despite not being an outdoorsy person. 

Stephanie and Richard get coffee with Lisa. They aren’t too keen on their friend leaving them for the wilderness while pregnant. The friends are correct because a creepy neighbor named Tom threatens Tyler and Lisa when they pull into his driveway instead of Alana’s cabin. 

Alana welcomes the couple by taking their cellphones, putting them in a cookie jar, and asking them to sleep apart. Alana is way more casual with Tyler than she should be. They do shots of sambuca and laugh while quoting The Godfather. 

The following day, Alana asks Tyler and Lisa to build a fire with minimal supplies to boil water. Then she has them make a mosaic out of things they find in nature. Alana watches them intently from a balcony while taking notes. 

Lisa suffers from morning sickness and is overly tired during her stay. Not the best time for a snowshoe hike, but they do it anyway. Tyler walks way in front of his struggling pregnant wife. She asks him to slow down, but he keeps pushing her. Eventually, Lisa gets lost and falls in the woods. She finds herself on Tom’s property in a trap, and he shoots his gun into the air screaming, “DO YOU WANT TO DIE OUT HERE!”

Lisa starts to question Alana’s methods and her tea that keeps being served at bedtime.

Alana invites them to cleanse a sauna (emotionally and physically) Which isn’t the best idea for a pregnant woman. (It is a good idea for Tyler because he is shirtless again.) Things get heated, and Tyler/Alana accuse Lisa of tricking him into getting pregnant. She tells them what they want to hear, but they end up leaving her alone and locking her in the sauna. Lisa understandably freaks out. She breaks open a window and crawls out. Alana and Tyler gaslight Lisa and tell her the door wasn’t even stuck.

Lisa stops drinking the drugged tea, but she is malnourished. She tells Tyler that Alana is unprofessional and flirting with Tyler. He blames her hormones; what a jerk. Lisa wants to bail and go home, but he reminds her of her commitment to saving their marriage. 

In the middle of the night, Lisa sneaks out and gets her phone out of the cookie jar to call Stephanie. She tells her friend that she feels in danger and asks Stephanie to check Alana’s credentials on “Linkup.” Alana and Tyler went to the same high school and did cross-country skiing. Tyler catches Lisa on her phone, and Alana demands to return the phone. Then shames Lisa for breaking the rules. 

Alana and Tyler, of course, are hooking up. Lisa hears them plotting to kill her, and she realizes she has to get out of there. But first, she has to put on her coat! Lisa tries to get in her car, but it won’t start. Tyler and Alana rush out, sending Lisa running into the woods. 

The next morning, Alana sends Tyler out to find his wife and tells him not to come back with Lisa alive. 

Lisa is starting extra smokey fires out in the woods to signal for help. Lisa uses the distraction to take the car and drive for help. Alana and Tyler chase her down, and she has to run back into the wilderness. Tyler chases her with some rope.

Lisa fakes being injured to get Tyler to confess to plotting to kill her. Then he walks into her trap; she hits him with a log. Lisa runs to the car, but Alana is inside with a flashlight. Alana jumps out, and the women get into a brawl. Lisa knocks Alana out and takes back her phone tries to call for help as Tom approaches.

Tom helps and calms Lisa down. He saw the signal fire and didn’t like Alana or Tyler.

Lisa and her gay friend all plan to help raise the baby! To new beginnings!!

Side Note

Minority Report: Stephanie, Shawn, Richard, Brad


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