Twisted Little Lies (2021 Lifetime)

Twisted Little Lies (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Jessica Morris, Conlan Kisilewicz, Ulyses Espinoza, Melissa Archer

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Brianna is a professor who is thrilled when her boyfriend, Nick, proposes. But her excitement fades as she learns of his relationship with his co-worker, Christina. Devastated, Brianna turns to the Internet, where she meets an intriguing man named William. The two quickly hit it off, but Brianna is shocked when she learns the man is her troubled student, Cooper, pretending to be an older man. Brianna rejects Cooper as soon as she learns who he really is, but he refuses to let Brianna go. His older sister, Christina, is too focused on her relationship with Nick to intervene with Cooper’s downward spiral. The rejection causes Cooper to orchestrate a revenge plot on Brianna that endangers another student. When Brianna, Christina, and Nick all realize how they’re connected, they must stop Cooper before he hurts anyone else. Jessica Morris, Melissa Archer, Ulyses Espinoza, Conlan Kisilewicz star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with a tragedy of some sort. EMTs put someone in a body bag!

Lifetime VIP, Jessica Morris, plays Brianna Scott, who supports (Nick) her NEW FIANCE’s dream of opening a fine dining resurant. The only problem is, Nick accidentally hooked up with a co-worker named Christina while he and Brianna were on a break. Chris is VERY jealous.

Brianna isn’t just arm candy; she teaches English at the local college. She encourages a young (and emotional over his parent’s recent death.) writer named Cooper to consider English as his major. Copper is, of course, related to Christina from the restaurant. He gushes about his hot English teacher while Chris vents about Nick and Brianna’s engagement. 

Cooper texts a girl he likes and gets into a car accident on his way home from class. (The CGI car crash was a choice!) Cooper’s sister is by his bedside, and she reprimands her brother because she doesn’t want to lose him like they lost their parents. 

The news of the car crash gets to Brianna and her co-worker Andy. They are concerned for their student and visit him in the hospital. Well, Brianna shows up with cookies. Against her better judgment, Brianna gives her student her number in case he needs anything. Cooper gets the wrong idea and also has a tramatic brain injury. 

Chris uses the accident to her advantage, roping Nick into consoling her and doing shots after the restaurant closes. They kiss just as Brianna walks in to see where her Fiance is. Cooper finds out and calls his sister a screw-up cheating whore. (He also gets beaten up by a bully, like in high school. Are there bullies in college? I thought that was hazing.) 

Brianna forgives Nick when he tells her that Chris took advantage of him. Cooper watched them making up from the window like a serious stalker. He texts Nick from Chris’ phone, “I love you,” and Brianna thinks Nick is lying to her. She calls off the engagement officially. Then Nick catfishes Brianna on social media as William.

They message one another at all hours of the night, and the messages get steamy. Then they get lame and dissolve into quotes from novels. 

Cooper is strangely irritated with his sister, and he physically assaults her, slamming her head into the countertop when she tries to kick him out. Chris goes to Nick for help, and he tells her to call the police, but she just cries instead. 

Brianna gives Cooper a ride home from school, and he fake faints to get her to stay with him for a while. Then he drugs her water and tells her that he knows about the cheating and admits to being William, as she starts to feel groggy.

The next morning, Brianna wakes up next to Cooper in his bed. She tells him she will report him, and he flips it on her and says he will report her for sleeping with a student. Brianna runs out of the house and thinks about what she will do. 

Cooper makes a scene in class, calling his teacher “babe” and demanding more private tutoring. Brianna shuts him down, refusing to engage. Chris tries to talk to her brother at home; he apologizes and hugs his sister.

On-campus, Cooper acts like he has moved on. He starts hanging out with a girl named Stephanie in front of Brianna. He also sends Brianna anonymous flowers in the middle of class. Then he slashes Brianna’s co-worker, Andy’s, tires and leaves a note demanding her stay away from Brianna. Brianna finally goes to Nick and tells him what is going on and that he drugged her and took photos of her in a compromising position.

Cooper is hot and cold with Stephanie but eventually uses her to get back at Brianna. They break into the school and steal his file. He lures Brianna to the school, stating that he will hurt Stephanie if she doesn’t show up. 

Brianna, Chris, and Nick all go to the school to try and stop Cooper from taking things too far. Nick and Brianna rescue Stephanie and run out of the building.

It is a rainy night, and cooper mistakes Chris for Brianna. He stabs her in the back with a pair of scissors, screaming “DIE.” and then he shouts, “WHAT HAVE I DONE!” 

Cooper then grabs Brianna and holds the scissors to her neck. Nick and Brianna fight him off, eventually knocking him out with a fire extinguisher. The police arrest Cooper. It was Chris the EMTs were putting in the body bag. The whole ending scene is in slow motion, set to moody music. 

Then Chris gets a funeral? Cooper is there with an armed guard and in handcuffs. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Nick, Peter, Andy, Stephanie, Police Office, Nurse, Jeremy, 

Jessica Morris not only stars, but she also co-wrote the film. Good for her! 

Also Known as Nightmare Student

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Number of Kills: 

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