Christmas by Chance (2021 Lifetime)

Christmas by Chance (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Winny Clarke, Jabob Blair

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Chance Charleswood (Clarke) owns a struggling gift shop called By Chance Gifts. As the Christmas shopping season approaches, Chance is hired by William Richards (Blair), a wealthy and popular entrepreneur, to help him organize the perfect proposal for his girlfriend, Leyla Brooks (Celeste Desjardins). When Chance needs to get closer to Leyla to find out what she likes, they devise a plan to have her attend their Christmas party as an old friend of the family. Chance and William continue to spend more time together with the hopes of devising the perfect proposal, but Leyla does not seem to be ready for marriage and each plan seems to fall apart. As Chance and William get to know each other more they begin to bring out the best in one another and are able to find their true selves along the way. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Chance, that is the female protagonist’s name. Works at a gift store (Gift by Chance)that is struggling. Her friend, Becky, wants to take the store into modern times with social media and a WEBSITE!

Christmas magic happens early when a business card is fluttered across town by a gust of wind. A harried assistant, Ryan, drops all his files and picks up the card with the papers. He gives everything to his boss, William, and then organizes a photoshoot with a Santa hat. William is the town’s most eligible bachelor. He is soon to be engaged with Layla Brooks, but it is a secret from the press.

After finding the business card, William stops by the store to look for a first edition copy of A Christmas Carol. Chance has a copy, but it is her personal copy, and she refuses to sell it. She has a first edition of Jane Eyre tho!!! William is disappointed because it is a gift for the proposal. He offers to pay Chance a month’s rent on her store for her to help him find another copy and randomly help plan the engagement. 

Chance and Becky stalk Layla’s social media. Chance sends a dog to Layla “from William.” She is not impressed and gives the dog back. William tells Chance that social media is not the best way to get to know Layla and asks her to go undercover with a British accent and befriend Layla.

That doesn’t go well because Layla becomes jealous of Chance and thinks she is a weirdo. (WHICH SHE IS!) William is very appreciative of Chance and is falling for her already.

Chance and Ryan organize an ice staking date for Williams and Layla. When Layla doesn’t show up, Chance and William skate together instead. After flirty skating, William opens up about his real self vs. his social media self. Chance asks him if Layla knows him, realizes she has crossed a line and apologizes. 

Chance gets too involved in operation romance. She forgets about the Christmas event her store is throwing. Her Santa is out of town, and Chance needs a quick replacement. William comes through and plays Santa himself.

William and Layla finally have a romantic date, and she doesn’t want to spend the holiday with his family in favor of a work opportunity in Prauge. He is disappointed with her and rethinks his proposal. 

The reason William wants the first edition of A Christmas Carol has nothing to do with Layla at all. Before his mother died, it was his family tradition, and he wanted to start that with his new family. Chance tells him that he should let people see the real him. 

The first edition of Christmas Carol comes, but it isn’t what Chance thought it was. The book is a biography of Carol Christmas! (Whoever that is!) 

Becky’s social media and blog are successful for business but not for William and Layla’s relationship. A photo of Chance and William go viral. Layla is angry that William lied and embarrassed her, ruining their public image. 

Chance tries to do damage control and explains things to Layla. She tells her that William hired her to make his Christmas proposal special. Chance gives Layla the first edition of Christmas Carol to give to William because it will mean a lot to him. (Layla doesn’t get it; she is like, “an old book? What kind of Christmas present is that!”)

Layla tells William that she loves the image of him and not the real him. She doesn’t want to compromise her life because he wants to settle down. Layla gives him the book and sees that he is touched by the gift. Layla tells him that Chance gave it to her, and maybe he should just be with her because she knows him way better.

William sulks for a while and finds the encryption in the book from Chance’s father. He realizes she gave him his copy, a selfless act of love. William shows up at his planned proposal location for Layla and tells he that she is his soulmate. They kiss. The end! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Becky, Ryan, Mr. Davis

This movie was stupid but watchable! 

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Overall rating

Christmas Feels

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine.)

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