The Enchanted Christmas Cake (2021 Lifetime)

The Enchanted Christmas Cake (2021 Lifetime)

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Cast: Erica Durance, Robin Dunne

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After recently losing her grandmother, Gwen (Durance) is struggling to run their bakery, regain the Christmas spirit, and figure out her grandmother’s magical recipe for the town’s legendary Enchanted Christmas Cake. So when a high-end chef comes to town to film a Christmas special, Gwen reluctantly agrees to help the producer Gavin (Dunne) prepare for the shoot to help support the bakery. As sparks fly, will she discover that Gavin is the secret ingredient she was missing all along? (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Gwen is a baker who fails to make her grandmother’s Lebkuchen, an enchanted Christmas cake that makes people fall in love. The demand is high because Oprah featured them in her (defunct) magazine. Her friend Becky helps Gwen figure out her grandmother’s notes. 

Dante is a celebrity chef who is after Gwen’s recipes. His hunk agent, Gavin, sets up a feature of Gwen’s town to interview her for the food network type show. 

They actually run into one another and almost ruin Gwen’s cupcakes. Gavin wasn’t expecting such a beautiful baker and asks if she would consider doing the show. Gwen says she is too busy. (It being the holiday season, and she runs a bakery.) Meanwhile, her mother is in Boca getting massages and not worrying about the bakery at all; what the hell!

People in the town really want these love cakes. George wants some to feed to the audience so they will love his play, a mash-up called “Scroogedolphcracker.”

Gavin convinces Gwen to at least let her bakery be the location for filming Dante’s special. Dante pressures Gwen to give him the recipe. To get some air and get away from Dante, Gwen and Gavin go do Christmas things. They pick out a Christmas tree then decorate it while talking about Gwen’s devotion to her family. Gavin talks about the history of food and Marco Polo. Gwen makes a “joke” and calls him Marco Yolo?!?!?!?!?

Things are getting serious because Gwen meets Gavin’s daughter, Michelle. They bake together and then go to the Christmas market. Michelle and Becky work together to get Gavin and Gwen alone together to continue flirting. They think that the secret ingredient that they’ve been missing is marzipan. Gwen and Gavin bake and taste the cake, officially falling in love. 

When it is time to film the segment, she gets cold feet because she wants to honor her grandmother’s legacy, and Dante is being strange. Gwen’s mother randomly shows up and shades her daughter’s hair while hoping to be on TV! While filming, Dante pressures her. He tells her that he knows the secret ingredient and will reveal it on air if she doesn’t tell him. Gwen thinks that Gavin told and storms off the set. (It turns out to be her mother who shared the secret, but she gets it wrong.)

Gavin and Gwen rush to apologize to one another. Then stop Dante from putting out the wrong recipe. He is inexplicably in a hot tub and promises to give Gwen bad publicity for her tricking him. Gavin quits as Dante’s manager. 

Dante has a mid-life crisis and doesn’t want to be a TV host anymore. He takes off his wig and turns on Gwen’s mom, who seduces him. I have no idea… Dante apologizes to Gwen and Gavin before leaving for Boca Raton with Gwen’s mother.

Gavin and Gwen spend Christmas eve together with his daughter, Gwen’s grandfather, and Becky! They enjoy the Enchanted Christmas Cake and toast to Grandma Joyce. Then Gavin and Gwen DON’T kiss after sharing they are going to Paris together. (Without all of them.) 

Side Note

Minority Report: Becky, George

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