Sugar Plum Twist (2021 Hallmark)


Sugar Plum Twist (2021 Hallmark)

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Cast: Laura Rosguer, Ektor Rivera, Jamie Gray Hyder

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Professional ballerina Natalia returns home to Richmond at Christmas and works with a ballet student who has a flare for Latin dance.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Natalia is a ballerina who moves home to be with her family. She is the assistant choreographer for the local production of the Nutcracker. Mrs. Kat is her boss and not really open to change; she also thinks Natalia is not ready to direct her own show.

Viviana Serrano (Maybe my cousin?!?!) is also a dancer who runs a salsa class at her family’s dance studio. She auditions for the role of the sugar plum fairy. (The best kind, right after shopping.) Cue a dance audition montage!

Viviana doesn’t get the part, but Natalia encourages her to keep going and offers a supportive ear for a dancer who reminds her of herself when she was younger. Viviana plans to spend Christmas with her Christmas-obsessed family and her new boyfriend, Justin.

While out with her pregnant sister Sophia and BFF Pam, Natalia runs into the lighting designer for the show, Matteo. He tells her that he heads back to Purto Rico. 

Natalia can’t stop thinking about Viviana’s dancing and looks at her dance reel online. They set up some time in the Serrano studio to just dance and have fun. Viviana shows Natalia some salsa moves, and she is inspired. The works on more choreography together for Vivi’s reel incorporating salsa and ballet techniques. (and Justin’s music.) They decide to do a fusion dance of the sugar plum.

Matto takes Natalia out and talks her up! He believes in her talent as a choreographer even when she doubts herself. It is nice to have someone rooting when you need them. They carol together.

After hours, Ms. Kat finds Natalia and Vivi practicing their dance in the company theater on stage and suspends Natalia. Upset, Natalia blames Matteo and takes some time away from him. Ms. realizes that Natalia has really been on top of things when she steps in to replace her responsibilities. 

Matteo and Natalia makeup and make out! Natalia is also forgiven by Ms. Kat. 

It is the performance’s opening night, and the show goes off without a hitch. Ms. Kat takes the stage and announces Natalia is the new principal choreographer. You’d think Natalia won an Oscar because she thanks everyone she has ever met. She is handed a card to read and announces Vivi Serrano dancing the SUGAR PLUM TWIST!

It was WAYYYY more fun to watch, and Vivi dances perfectly, impressing everyone in the audience, who give her a standing ovation. Matteo and Natalia kiss. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: The majority of the cast is LatinX of BIPOC actors!

Did Hallmark acknowledge my existence by naming the Serrano family in my honor? I think so! 


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Christmas Trees represent the Christmas vibes. *** I’ve updated the rating system. Wine is my overall enjoyment (NOT a value judgment) on a 1-5 scale.

 I will use the following tags for those who want to know if they should watch or skip: Pour it Up (Would Recommend) or Put A Cork In It (Would Not Recommend). 

Overall rating

Christmas Feels

πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ (3 Christmas Trees) 

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine.)

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