Trapped By My Sugar Daddy (2022 Lifetime)

Trapped By My Sugar Daddy (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Katie Kelly, James Hyde, Lindsay Hartley, Heather Lynn Harris, Tiffany Montgomery

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

An 18-year-old begins dating a charming 50-year-old man who treats her to shopping sprees and fancy restaurants, creating a huge rift with her mother. Mom’s instincts prove right when the man becomes psychologically manipulative, turning the girl into an emotional prisoner in his mansion. Katie Kelly, Lindsay Hartley, James Hyde, Tiffany Montgomery and Heather Harris star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts with a woman in a cocktail dress getting on to a private jet. She is kidnapped while freshening up in the bathroom. 

Flash to Connecticut; Sarah and her daughter Carly, are a mother/daughter home decor team. They lose out on a client in the neighborhood from the overbearing Amanda James. (Lindsey Hartley.) It seems like she was lying tho, so the mother and daughter duo visit the new man in his mansion. 

He offers the ladies a drink as they make their pitch and eventually hires them for the job. The man takes particular interest in Carly and invites her to have a drink and dinner with him. (Her friend Mel encourages Carly to just have fun with it!)

Carly comes home from a night out and is attacked in her home. The masked assailant rips her “Carly” necklace off her body and runs out. Carly calls her boyfriend, Ben, to tell him about the stolen necklace. He feels threatened by Carly working for a hunky older man, so she breaks up with him. 

While out for a girl’s night with Mel, Carly runs into her handsome client, Kyle. Mel flirts with Kyle’s friend Brent and is clear to tell the men that she is 18. Kyle offers the girls a ride home, but they decline. Then one of their co-workers, Laura, is hit by a car outside of the building. Carly thinks the intended target was her.

The following day, Carly sees Kyle at work and tries to keep their secret flirting from her mother, who is also working on the same project and totally oblivious. Kyle even asks Carly to move in with him and then later wine and dines her at a fancy restaurant. He gifts her a dress and demands she change in the restaurant’s bathroom. (Yikes!)

After their date, Carly declines Kyle’s offer and goes to Mel’s house instead. Mel is MIA, so Carly goes home with Kyle and hooks up with him. Later, when Carly absentmindedly mentions her ex-boyfriend Ben. Kyle assaults him and puts Ben into a coma. 

Amanda takes pictures of Kyle and Carly running around town, kissing and laughing. She sends the images to Sarah, who tells her daughter that she needs to drop Kyle as a client and a lover. No more secrets. Sarah tells her daughter to move out. Sarah watches her neighbor with a telescope and sees her daughter with the much older man. She is upset.

Now estranged from her mother, Carly continues to date Kyle and works at the bar with her friend Mel. Kyle tells Carly that he loves her. They even wear matching robes in the morning and enjoy coffee together, but Carly moves in with Mel instead of Kyle for some reason.

Mel, Carly, Kyle, and Brent all drink mimosas and live openly in their May/December Romances. The party is interrupted by a woman with a gun demanding her daughter Tanya. Kyle wrestles the gun from the woman’s hands, and it goes off, killing her. The police are called, and Kyle claims not to know anything about the woman. Mel is creeped out and decides to end it with Brent and encourages Carly to do the same. 

Kyle invites Carly to stay with him, but she brushes him off to, you know, go to school. Cause she is 18!!!!!!

Carly and Mel are both fired because the stores safe finds her necklace after it is broken into. Mel accuses Carly of inviting drama into her life by dealing with Kyle and Brent. Mel tries to cut things off with Brent, and he doesn’t take it well. 

Carly is upset that she is alone at Kyle’s house because he has to work. He explains that he is working to support her and gets angry when her father interrupts their conversation. He also blows up at her for talking to her ex Ben when he calls her after waking up from a coma. Kyle grabs Carly and drags her around the house while screaming at her. He is physically and mentally abusing Carly out of jealously. 

Kyle isolates Carly from her mother and father, who call wanting to check on their daughter. After failed calls, Sarah marches over to the house and bangs on Kyle’s door. Kyle calls the police on her. Carly talks to the police and confirms that she is not being held against her will. Kyle stands by her side the whole time. Carly calls her mother to tell her that she made her choose Kyle over them. 

Sarah calls Mel to get the real story. Mel tells Sarah everything about Brent and Kyle that she knows, sending Sarah into a research spiral.

Mel and Carly are both taken to the same private jet that the girl was taken to at the beginning of the movie. Mel and Carly are tied up and told they are being sold into sex trafficking for half a million each. Kyle and Brent have done this to over 50 girls. 

Sarah and her husband track Carly’s phone and come to her rescue. The stepdad smashes security with a bat and heads towards the private jet. He runs into the plane with his car. Sarah jumps on the plane with a gun and tells Kyle to give her a reason to shoot him.  

Carly decides to give up design and go into psychology to help other girls not be manipulated like she was by an older man. She laughs with her family as the movie fades out.

Side Note

Minority Report: Mel, Amanda, 

Also Known As: Prisoner of Love


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Overall rating

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