Labor, Lies and Murder (2022 Lifetime)

Labor, Lies and Murder (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Brooke Burfitt, Jason Burkey, Lauren Buglioli, Gina Hiraizumi

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Pregnant Hailey hires a doula to assist with her home birth, but then learns alarming news about her from another expecting mom. Unsure who to trust, Hailey must stay ever alert to the threat of someone set on stealing her baby. Brooke Burfitt and Jason Burkey star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts with a murder. A woman in a bathtub.

Cut to Hailey, who is pregnant, and her husband Joe. They are excited about life milestones, but they have a lot to prepare for the baby. Hailey gets her friend Lisa to take over as manager for her boutique, and her sister, Nicole, begs Hailey to rethink her birth plan. (Their mother died in a hospital.) and consider a home birth. 

Hailey reaches out to the homebirth nurse but gets out of office. Lucky for her, she meets a pregnant woman named Jade at a prenatal yoga class, and they become fast friends. Then a dula named Bea makes an interview appointment immediately. Bea is strange and has no references. So naturally, Hailey is ALL. IN.

Bea’s techniques include pinching Hailey’s arm really hard and sending her out shopping for baby items. Hailey recommends Bea to her new friend Jade, who is unimpressed. Jade thinks Hailey is brave to become Bea’s first client ever!!!

Lisa, Hailey’s friend, is failing at taking care of the store. While she is in the store’s backroom, someone starts a fire, leaving an iron-on. 

None of this matters because Hailey still invites Lisa AND Bea to her baby shower. She confronts Bea about lying about her previous experience but says she still wants her to be her midwife. Then Lisa comes clean about the fire, and Hailey gets upset at Lisa for ruining her shower.

Strange things continue to happen to Hailey while she is with Bea. She gets electrocuted by some birthing equipment, and Hailey finds her mother’s earrings in Bea’s purse and fires her. Then Hailey cries to her husband Joe, who reassures her that everything will be okay.

Meanwhile, Jade meets with her baby daddy Caleb and asks him to be a part of their baby’s life. Caleb doesn’t want to do that because he is already married, and Jade was just a one-night thing. 

Bea spends her time at the pool without a job, and someone tries to kill her, putting the pool cover on while she is swimming. (YIKES!) 

Jade runs into Hailey at the store and asks how the homebirth thing is going? Hailey tells her about the earrings and Bea’s strange behavior. Jade offers to do the home birth for her, AS A JOKE! (She is a vet and clearly not a comedian.) 

It turns out the woman murdered in the bathtub was Nicole’s midwife, and she trained Bea. Bea is properly trained and is independently wealthy; she would have no reason to steal the earrings. Then she finds nanny cams around the house, and Joe suspects Bea. 

In more shocking news, Lisa’s husband is Caleb, and he cheated on her with Jade for a one-night stand. Lisa tells Hailey, and they make up.

Lisa sends a fake message as Caleb to Jade and sets up a meeting. Lisa meets Jade in the park and gets so angry she pushes the pregnant woman down, revealing that the belly is a fake. Before Lisa can tell anyone, Jade bashes Lisa’s head in with a rock. 

Hailey starts to piece everything together, realizing that Jade always knows things before Hailey can tell her, and Jade always happens to “run into” Hailey all the time. She doesn’t have that much time to do her research because she goes into labor. She calls Bea and Joe to come to help her.

Jade puts on a red wig and shows up at Joe’s work. She tries to poison him with a drink, and when he rushes out to help Hailey, she knocks him out with the drink instead. Jade wants to steal the baby for her and Caleb. 

Hailey has the baby with Bea by her side. Hailey holds her daughter, and it seems like everything is going perfectly. After the birth, Bea tells Hailey that Joe is in the hospital, and Hailey cleans herself off in the shower to go to the (dreaded) hospital. Little do they know that Jade watches from the window.

Jade attacks Bea while prepping the car seat and sneaks into the house to steal the baby. She takes the baby to Caleb, who loves his new daughter and only has a few questions about why she didn’t call him when she was in labor.

Hailey comes down to find her baby is missing. Bea tells Hailey that Jade took the baby and calls the police. Hailey wants to find her daughter and pings the phone; then, she sneaks out while Bea gets her pain medication. 

At Jade’s house, Caleb tells Jade he doesn’t want to be with her, and then he gets a call from the police, who tell him Jade is dead. Caleb screams at Jade and accuses her of killing his wife. Jade knocks him out with a lamp while Haley sneaks into the house with a hammer. 

Jade and Hailey argue over the baby. Jade admits to killing Riley because she blamed her for her miscarriage. Hailey tells Jade that she will make a great mom and asks her to get help. Jade doesn’t want to talk and just wants her baby. Jade grabs a gun and tells Hailey that she is not a mother and the baby is hers.

Hailey hammers Jade in the face and says “A Good Mom wouldn’t keep a gun in the house.” (Haha, so great.)

Cut to Hailey in the hospital with Joe showing him his daughter for the first time.

A year later Jade sends the baby a birthday card from jail. That was weird.

Side Note

Minority Report: Lisa, Lionel, Riley, 

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