Killer Stepmom (2022 Lifetime)

Killer Stepmom (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Julia Terranova, Jillian Murray, Jon Briddell, Alison Robertson,

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

High school student Brianna has gained a reputation for telling lies and creating trouble. Her parents, Annie and Daniel, attribute their daughter’s behavior as her way of lashing out at them for their divorce, and for Daniel re-marrying. Unfortunately for Brianna, her bad reputation quickly catches up to her when she witnesses her new stepmom, Susanna, murder a man in a vacant parking lot. Without anyone to believe her, Brianna turns to her mom, begging her to believe Susanna is a murderer. Convinced, Annie must protect her daughter from Susanna before she can enact her devious plan to destroy Brianna’s family. Julia Terranova, Jillian Murray, Alison Robertson, Jon Briddell star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Brianna is a high school student who seems over it and is acting out. She blackmails a teacher and is caught by the school counselor, who is VERY concerned about Brianna’s future. The counselor calls a meeting with her parents, who have recently divorced. She gives them parenting advice, and Brianna is grounded. (Good because she is a brat! Child of divorce or not, she doesn’t need to be blackmailing teachers.) 

Brianna stays at her dad’s house for the weekend with her new mom, Suzanna. Suzanna could be Brianna’s sister. They go out shopping, and a man in a Hawaii shirt mistakes Suzanna for a woman named Kate, or does he? Brianna sees Suzanna talking to him heatedly but doesn’t hear what he says. She uses it as a reason not to like Suzanna and tries to tell her father, who doesn’t want to hear it. 

Untrusting, Brianna sneaks out to follow Suzanna around town in the middle of the night. She sees Suzanna get into the car with the Hawaii shirt man to make a money drop. Then Brianna witnesses a murder and Suzanna mixing the man into cement! She tells her boyfriend about what she saw, and he is pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

Suzanna lurks outside Brianna’s bedroom and watches her while she sleeps. She tells Brianna that she wants to work on being friends. Brianna doesn’t do that and tells her mother and father that she saw Suzanna murder someone the other night. Suzanna denies any wrongdoing and brings up that Bri is acting out because Suzanna and Daniel are trying to have a baby.

Brianna and her boyfriend investigate the crime scene and look for a missing nail. They are arrested and taken into custody. Daniel is upset that his daughter is acting out and takes away her cellphone as pushing for being arrested. Brianna’s mother believes her daughter. They look into who Kate is.

Annie, Bri’s mother, meets with her ex-husband Daniel and shows him the evidence they found damning Suzanna. Annie found out that Suzanna is using an assumed identity. Daniel can’t believe that Suzanna is a liar and confronts his wife. Suzanna admits to changing her name to get away from an abusive ex. Daniel sides with his new wife and kicks Annie out of his house.

Suzanna murders the woman who was giving Brianna and Annie advice. Then she goes home and well Daniel that she is pregnant, like a true psychopath. 

Annie tries to go to the police, but they think she is a jealous ex-wife. (Which is rude as hell.) 

Suzanna steps it up and drugs Annie’s Mr. Coffee in the middle of the night. It works because Annie gets in a car accident the following day on her way to work. Annie gets bangs up but survives. She tells Bri that she thinks she was drugged. Daniel does too (but self-medicated) and files for full custody of his daughter.

Annie works with a patient of hers to look into Suzanna’s background even more. Suzanna is involved in some Ponzi scheme. Annie questions a prisoner who knows the criminals Suzanna/Katie are involved with. Suzanne highers a hitman to take Annie out, but her patient saves her.

Bri goes out with friends to get away from her evil stepmother. With Annie out of the way, Suzanna drugs Daniel and taunts Bri. Then Suzanna sticks Bri with a syringe planning to stage a suicide via OD. Brianna hides in an abandoned construction site. 

Annie tracks Bri down and knocks Suzanna over. Suzanna tells Annie that she is getting revenge because Daniel’s company bought her husband’s company, and they lost everything. Annie isn’t going down like that and takes Suzanna out with a brick. The police arrive and take her away. 

Brianna is a well-adjusted teen who gets good grades now. Annie starts dating her patient, and Bri approves.

Cut to Suzanna in prison, and she is in for a hurting from her cellmates. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Jason, Mr. Morgan, Detective Han, Jason, 

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*** I’ve updated the rating system moving forward. Knives represent # of kills. Wine is over enjoyment (NOT a value judgment) on a 1-5 scale.

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine.)

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