Deadly Dance Competition (2022 Lifetime)

It was only a matter of time before TikTok Dances made it to Lifetime!

Deadly Dance Competition (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Natasha Wilson, Emma Jessop, Matthew Pohlkamp

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

High school student Reagan can’t wait to finish her latest dance video for an online contest. Her mother Beth couldn’t be prouder. Suddenly, Reagan goes missing. Beth turns to two people for help: Reagan’s best friend Lina and Lina’s father, Kyle. Beth can’t help but suspect Samantha, Reagan’s biggest rival in the dance contest, and Samantha’s friend Mona. As Beth gets closer to the truth, Kyle knocks her out and abducts her. Beth wakes up in the school’s boiler room, where she sees Reagan confined. Mona is there, watching them. Mona admits she and Kyle have been having an affair. When Reagan and Lina were filming, they accidentally filmed Mona coming out of Kyle’s room. If Beth wants to save her daughter, she’ll have to deal with Kyle first. Natasha Wilson, Emma Jessop, Matthew Pohlkamp star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Regan is a TikTok video star in a dance video competition. She has her friends, including Lina, who has two left feel in the videos. Regan’s mom Beth doesn’t get the whole trend but is proud of her daughter anyway. Lina’s dad doesn’t get the dancing thing either; he is a hot nerdy English named Kyle.

The power goes out before Regan can upload the video, and her phone dies. Her rival Samantha brags about how she posted her video already at school. Samatha has a “boyfriend” named Chaz and a friend Mona who talk her up. Samatha views the competition as her way to get into BROADWAY! They get into an argument and end up breaking Regan’s phone. Samantha thinks Regan stole her choreography and says she will “KILL” to win the competition. 

Regan is almost run over by a car and then almost kidnapped in a parking lot. She talks to the detective and has no clue who would want to hurt her. Beth is concerned and gives her daughter an antique cell phone. It belongs to a guy Beth is dating named Jim.

To make things more confusing, Kyle asks Beth to be a character witness in his divorce proceedings from Lina’s mother. Beth agrees, and their relationship seems purely plutonic.

Regan continues to be followed by Samantha and her cronies. They bully her and make fun of her, almost missing the submission deadline. Regan plans to go live with a big secret but gets locked out of her car. Regan calls Lina for a ride from her old ass phone and walks the streets waiting for a car to pick her up. Regan goes missing leaving Beth and Lina to search for her.

Beth confronts Samantha, and they admit to taking her car keys so she would have to talk home. Beth gets the keys back and goes to the detective to report her daughter missing. (Well, not before crying to Kyle.) 

Regan is chained to a bed in a creepy warehouse somewhere. She screams for help, but no one hears her. (obviously!)

Lina and Kyle help Beth make Missing flyers to post around town. Lina thinks Samantha kidnapped Regan to win the competition, but Samantha flat out denies it. 

Jim, Beth’s boyfriend, finds a not on Beth’s car that reads “She’s Dead!” and includes Regan’s school ID. Beth, understandably, has a Mariah Carey level breakdown. She comes home to find someone has been riffling through Regan’s things, and an intruder knocks her over, running out of her home. 

Samantha and Mona use the publicity from Regan’s disappearance to boost their social media profiles. Lina is horrified that they are being so opportunistic. Lina tells her dad that she thinks Samantha had something to do with the disappearance and threatened her. They go to the principal’s office. The girls have their phones taken away, but that is the only consequence. 

Mona meets with Samantha on the bleachers expecting an apology. Samantha is just using Mona for her phone since hers was taken away. Samantha makes a post on Mona’s phone and answers a phone call; it is Mona’s boyfriend. Samantha realizes that Mona is involved with Regan’s disappearance and is dating a teacher. (Probs Kyle) Mona tries to take her phone back and accidentally sends Samantha tumbling down the bleachers and into the hospital. 

Meanwhile, Beth meets Kyle after school to attempt to break into her daughter’s locker. Beth can’t wait any longer and opens the fire closet to ax off the lock. When she gets inside, she finds her daughter’s journal but is attacked before she can read it. She fights like hell and hits her attacker with an ax before running away. The attacker finds her and chloroforms her. 

Beth wakes up on the ground, and Kyle stands above her with the school secretary. They take her to the hospital. Once she is released, Beth gets her daughter’s phone and finds some video evidence. She rushes to tell Kyle what she found, and he attacks her.

Lina watches and posts the video that Regan made about her charity. “Happy Feet” is an organization that taught her how to dance when she was a child, even before walking. (Not sure why that was her big reveal.)

Beth and Regan wake up in the abandoned warehouse. Mona stands over them and says she kidnapped Regan because you can see Mona sneaking out of Kyle’s house in the video. She has been having an affair with her teacher. Mona and Kyle have been working together to get the footage from Regan’s phone. (Proof that you can NEVER trust anyone.)

Kyle thought that Regan would post the video to social media, but she didn’t even know about the affair. Beth tries to reason with Kyle but then runs for it with her daughter. Somehow, they end up in a bathroom with a gun. Kyle holds Beth hostage, but Regan shoots him anyway. The police are called, and they arrest Kyle. 

Lina and Regan are still friends somehow! Samantha and Regan both win the competition in a tie, and Regan gets a job with Happy Feet; she also is a viral dance star. The movie ends with a family dance party. Sure!

Side Note

Minority Report: Mona, FroYo Guy, teacher, Secretary, 

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