You Can Never Go Home Again (2022 Lifetime)

You Can Never Go Home Again (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Maria Breese, Omar Gooding, Jackie Moore,

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Soon after Izzy moves with her family back to her husband’s hometown, she discovers their daughter’s teacher, Emma has an obsession with her life and a lust for her husband. After seducing Izzy’s husband, Emma will stop at nothing to get the family she so craves. The obsession turns deadly as Emma forces Izzy to fight back or lose her family forever. Maria Breese, Omar Gooding, Jackie Moore and Al Sapienza star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts in San Fransisco with a daughter named Izzy caring for her artist mother battling cancer. Izzy has put aside her aspirations to care for her mother.

Three months later, her mother passes away, Izzy moves to a small town with her husband Jack and daughter Taylor. The town is Jack’s hometown, and he is starting a business with his childhood best friend named Kyle. 

Taylor starts at a new school and her teacher, Emma Sanders, is a seductress (who only walks in slow motion in this movie) with interest in Jack. Emma also recently moved to town. Jack offers to show Emma around town.

Izzy unpacks and plans her pottery business. She listens to Jack’s band’s CD because he used to be a musician. Izzy makes friends with a neighbor named Natalie. They bond over a bottle of wine, and Izzy cried about a lost shipment of her mother’s artwork. Natalie shares that she lost her parents young and knew Izzy’s loneliness. 

While at a coffee shop, Emma invites herself to sit with him. She encourages him to take big risks and be BOLD. (All while caressing his arm and calling him a sexy man.) Then later, they literally run into one another on a hiking trail in the woods. More touchy flirting happens while leads to having sex in broad daylight. (THAT escalated quickly.)

Jack immediately regrets his tryst with Taylor’s teacher. He arrives home and immediately takes a shower. Izzy tries to have sex in the most unsexy way, baby talk, and ovulation cycles. The couple opt for a scary movie and a food rub instead. 

Jack breaks things off with Emma and she grabs a knife and cuts an apple while telling him she can’t keep the affair a secret. Jack doesn’t keep it a secret either and tells his friend Kyle about the betrayal. 

At a parent/teacher conference, Emma shows up in a brown wig in an attempt to look more like Jack’s wife. Emma gushes over Izzy’s art career and claims to be her biggest fan. (Ok, Kathy Bates!)

Realizing that Emma is unhinged, Jack comes clean to his wife and BLAMES HER FOR BEING DISTANCE EVER SINCE HER MOM DIED?!?!?! Izzy kicks him out of the house. (Which is totally understandable, I mean, come on, dude.) 

Alone in the house, Izzy thinks she is being stalked. (Which she is by Emma.)

Jack stays with his parents and his no-nonsense mother, Olivia, tells him to fix it. The only problem is, you can’t fix crazy. Emma calls him at his parent’s house and tells him that she is happy he split from his wife. Emma threatens to “talk” to Izzy. Then she laughs in slow motion. 

Izzy calls the police, sure that the teacher is stalking her. They get a search warrant and find Emma has Izzy’s mother’s paintings and has a serial killer wall where she cut Izzy’s face out and replaced it with her. 

Emma syringes the babysitter and kidnaps Taylor. Then Emma calls Izzy and holds Taylor hostage in exchange for a meeting. 

Izzy and Jack meet Emma at the hiking trailer where the… ehhh… the “affair” happened. Taylor is tied to a tree. Emma takes him out and ties him up too. 

Emma has completely transformed herself into Izzy. She manically talks about making pottery to the real Izzy. Izzy keeps Emma talking while she grabs a box cutter. The women struggle until police arrive and arrest Emma for mail fraud AMONG other things.

Jack’s infidelities are forgiven. The end! 

Side Note

Question: Was Taylor’s voice dubbed over in post? What do we thing?

Also, what is up with the Lifetime movies lately. Affairs are forgiven like they are NBD.

Minority Report: Jack, Taylor, Olivia, Sam

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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

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