Dangerous Methods (2022 Lifetime)

Dangerous Methods (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Rachele Brooke Smith, Nicky Whelan, Costas Mandylor

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

An ambitious Hollywood assistant finds herself in a hellish, live-or-death situation when she agrees to live in isolation with an overbearing Method actor who wants an extreme experience far from civilization while preparing for his next role. Rachele Brooke Smith, Christopher Showerman, Nicky Whealan, and Costas Mandylor star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

*** DEAD PET ALERT. I know some of you would rather skip movies where pets are killed. This would be one.

The movie starts on a film set with an unhinged actor almost killing his co-star. Is the “Dangerous Method” METHOD ACTING?!?!?

The actor’s name is Desmond Gage, and he needs a new personal assistant. Cue a brunette named Lacy with her bags packed and ready to go. She moves into his remote cabin with no cell service and is greeted by her boss, named Sharon. (Played by TV Movie regular Nicky Whelan.) 

Lacy is given some tips (Leave the actor alone) and anti-psychotic medication to keep Desmond in check and then left to her own devices with the cat. 

Desmond doesn’t seem that bad; he greets Lacy with a hug and is hospitable with his organic juices. (He is on a liquid diet.) Lacy shares that she is originally from a farm and doesn’t know much about the acting world. (She promised her mom she would move to “Cali” before she died.)

Lacy reads a magazine to brush up on the actor and has “sexy dreams” about him. The following day, he shares that he is gay and closeted. (Like Tom Cruise?) Lacy is surprised because he was married to an Italian actress, a marriage that Sharon fabricated. 

Lacy calls her father, or as she calls him, “Coach.” He is worried about her being alone with a Hollywood type, and she gives him the landline number breaking her NDA. Of course, the father calls back, and Desmond gets upset that Lacy has been using the phone.

 Desmond won’t tell Lacy what role he is preparing for, but he is sneaking out to cook wild game and making himself violently ill from its looks. So, maybe he is doing a Bear Grylls Biopic? While nursing Desmond back to health, Lacy sneaks a peek at the script. 

Smoke from the fire Desmond made draws the attention of the police, who stop by and check on the home. Lacy sends away the handsome cop after flirting with him a bit. (I mean, who wouldn’t!)

While he is “immersing,” Desmond seduces Lacy. She feels foolish for falling for it and leaves the house upset to try and get a cell signal. Lacy leaves the door open and lets the cat out. 

The hunk cop returns to do another wellness check. He finds Desmond in the woods cutting up an animal and is attacked by the actor in character. Desmond stabs the hot cop in the neck while Lacy takes her 4th bath of the movie. (HER FOURTH BATH!) Then Lacy and Desmond have sex again.

After sexytime, Desmond tries on Lacy’s bracelet and tells her that he loves her. The next morning Desmond punches himself in the chest over and over. He notices the cat is missing and screams at Lacy. He also doesn’t remember having sex with Lacy because he was so in character. Desmond accuses Lacy of taking advantage of him. 

Lacy can’t find the cat because Desmond killed it in the woods and tells him that she is leaving in the morning. 

Lacy’s father calls the sheriff and asks for another wellness check. He is VERY worried but also super rude. He drives up to the house himself to check on his daughter himself. 

Thankful her father is there; Lacy packs her bags quickly. Not quick enough, though. Desmond is in full weirdo actor mode and asks for Lacy’s hand in marriage. When her father refuses, Desmond hits him with a whiskey bottle. 

Lacy looks for father but gets distracted by the script. She realizes that Desmond has been acting out his movie. Including the MURDER PARTS. She finds the hot cop’s body and tries to call for help on his radio. 

She makes it to a car to try to escape but sees her father on the front porch tied to a chair. Desmond kills him in front of her.

To save herself, she plays the role of Angie from the script and tells Desmond that she loves him before stabbing him in the chest. 

Police arrive on the scene and shoot Lacy before she can kill Desmond. 

Sharon waits by Lacy’s hospital bed and then just leaves her there?? The end? Wait. What. 

Side Note

Minority Report: None

This was a very un-Lifetimey Lifetime Movie. The ending was unsatisfying and our protagonist was not left triumphing over anything. She was merely a victim of a bad boss?

Interesting premise, but not done well.

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*** I’ve updated the rating system moving forward. Knives represent # of kills. Wine is over enjoyment (NOT a value judgment) on a 1-5 scale.

 I will use the following tags for those who want to know whether to watch or skip: Pour it Up (Would Recommend) or Put A Cork In It (Would Not Recommend). 

Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine.)

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  1. I came here immediately after watching to see if I missed something. What was up with that ending? So confused…

  2. I think Lacy’s boss disconnected her oxygen or slipped her something in the hospital room. She also gave the actor psyzophrenic drugs not meds for his stomache.

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