First Class Fear (2022 Lifetime)


First Class Fear (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Liz Fenning, Aria Sirvaitis, Alexandra Swanbeck, Randy Wayne

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Sophie has it all, good grades, a loving mother and a bright future ahead. After Sophie is rewarded a scholarship over one of her classmates, Sophie becomes a target and is tormented by the mean girls of her high school. Her mother must find a way to put a stop to it before the bullying becomes deadly. Liz Fenning, and Aria Sirvaitis star (2022).

Recap/Wine Thoughts
The movie begins with; unfortunately, not a flight attendant tied up and being held captive.

Cut to a fancy prep school with girls in uniform. Sophie gossips with her teacher/mom (Grace) about how the girls in school are fighting. It is a lot to keep up with but, basically Emma stole Jack from Carolyn. Carolyn has started a slam website to bully Emma.

Grace is upset about the website and has to report it as a teacher. Grace has a parent-teacher conference with Carolyn’s mother and shares that Carolyn has started a website. Paula has a breakdown and cries. She didn’t raise her daughter to bully people. Carolyn denies making the website.

Sophie wins a scholarship over Carolyn, and it doesn’t go over well. Carolyn blames Grace for swaying the principal’s decision. (Since she works for the school) It isn’t like Caroyln needs to money, her family is so rich they have an indoor pool in the living room!

A talent show practice happens. Emma and Sophie do a mime routine and it is as horrible as you’d expect. Thankfully, someone agrees with me and cuts a lighting rig sending a light falling down on Emma’s head. She survives and ends up in the hospital in a coma. (Maybe?)

Then rumors start spreading about Sophie messing around with Jack, Emma’s boyfriend, while she is in the hospital. A rude 30-year-old guy pretending to be a teen, named, Tyler tries to hit on Sophie, but she shuts him down so hard.

Carolyn and her mean girls make a website post implying that Sophie’s dad didn’t die of cancer; he killed himself, which is really messed up, even for Lifetime.

Grace is too busy flirting with a hot man teacher named Tom. He loves plants, has a country accent, and he can cook! Tom invites himself over to make a romantic dinner for Grace.

In science class, the girls openly make fun of Sophie for being poor and having a dead dad. Sophie and her lab partner ignore them to mix unlabeled liquids. Someone switches out Sophie’s ingredients and causes an explosion. Sophie gets a chemical burn on her arm.

Carolyn saunters out of her house in all black at 11 pm. Her mom is horrified at her daughter’s behavior. Carolyn sprays, “SOPHiE ELLIS IS A LYING CHEATER!”

Grace talks to the principal and tells HIM about the website. He says it sounds too complicated and brushes it off. Regardless, the principal talks to Carolyn about the website, but nothing comes of it.

Sophie cries in a stairwell because the bullying is so awful. Rumors are spreading about her sleeping with Tom, which isn’t cool. He is the hot teacher who is into her mom! (awkward!) To destress, Sophie goes for a run, and all the male neighbors seem to be out watching her. A car follows Sophie and almost runs her off the road.

Then a picture of Jack and Sophie kissing starts going around school. Emma doesn’t know what to believe.

A teacher friend of Grace’s gets the picture and shows Grace. Grace knows it is a photoshop because of the outfit and no burn mark on the arm.

Sophie is almost run over by a car AGAIN in a parking lot at school; no one seems to care when she tells them. Tara, Carolyn’s #2, even tells Sophie that she

tells them. Tara, Carolyn’s #2, even tells Sophie that she should just die already. 

Someone frames Sophie for cheating and places test answers in her locker. The principal has to suspend her while he investigates. The scholarship is in jeopardy of being taken away. 

Grace confronts Tara about Carolyn and learns that her family is having some serious money issues. Her father was arrested and put in jail for embezzlement. 

Paula, Carolyn’s mom, turns out to be behind everything and kidnaps Sophie. Paula tried to run over Sophie but now has to result to murder to get rid of Sophie. Paula also sent the photo AND slipped the test results in Sophie’s locker. 

Just as Paula is going to kill Sophie with a tire iron, Grace takes her out with a shovel. 

At graduation, Sophie gives a speech that we don’t see but it involves talking about almost being killed, so I’m sure it was hilarious. Carolyn apologized for the whole mother almost murdering her/bullying thing. 

Sophie is more interested in what’s for dinner! Lobster tail AND shrimp cocktail. I guess it is a special occasion. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Theatre teacher, 

We are officially in the back-to-school territory on LMN! 

Also known as: My Terrorized Teen 


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