Danger in the House (2022 Lifetime)

Danger in the House (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Rebecca Liddiard, Kathryn Kohut, Sarah Deakins

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

As his mother’s illness progresses, a wealthy young man hires a perfect caregiver. But their lives start to spiral into a deadly affair as the caregiver seemingly tries to make herself a permanent facet of the wealthy family. Rebecca Liddiard, Kathryn Kohut star. (2022)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Chicago businesswoman Taylor makes a pitch to her sexy boss Connor Covington. They are having a secret love affair that is not so secret. HR is totally fine with them making out after meetings. They are planning their wedding and are having trouble keeping up with caring for Connor’s elderly mother, June. (Whom they are living with.)

Nora from Greenville, SC (I was just there for Bramble Fest!) has moved to Chicago to escape an abusive husband. She attends the same restaurant as Taylor, Connor, and June. Nora comes to the rescue when June feels faint after a dizzy spell. She is a registered nurse and helps June. Connor asks her to interview for a caregiver position for his mother.

Nora receives the tour of the family estate and notices that the family is well off. (She also notes the security cameras.) Nora checks June’s schedule and finds two of her medications are conflicting and could be the reason for the dizzy spell. Taylor is the one who made the medication schedule. 

Connor follows up with Nora’s references and hires her immediately. The job isn’t the only thing Nora gets; her abusive husband sends pictures of her in the street and tells her that he is watching her. His name is Ben, and he tells her that he will always find her. He threatens to tell the new family about Nora’s past if she doesn’t steal money for him. 

While taking care of June, Nora gets an unexpected visitor. Emma, Connor’s long-time girlfriend, was suddenly dumped after he met Taylor. 

Speaking of Taylor, she has everything in how house meticulously organized. Her type A personality seems to work to keep everything flowing at work and home. She starts looking into Nora’s past and can’t find a digital footprint. Taylor is also having a passionate affair with her co-worker Rex. 

It is suspicious when Nora is locked in the garage with a car-locked car running. There is also another woman who stops by, the housekeeper Mary. Who seems offended by Nora’s mere existence. (She also thinks Nora is after June’s valuable jewelry) Could Mary have locked Nora in the garage to try to kill her? Maybe, Mary is the one who finds Nora and saves her. 

Nora receives messages from an unidentified number. 

Taylor also gets a message on her car that demands she meet in Bryant Park (Which isn’t in Chicago.) at midnight. She finds a new clipping about a malpractice case from Greenville. Taylor brings it to Connor, who brushes it off. Taylor contacts the reporter who wrongs the story about Lee Griswald, AKA Nora. The reporter tells her that she can’t get into specifics, but the Griswalds are a shady family. 

Mary catches Nora adjusting the security cameras, and her suspicions are confirmed. There is a tug of war between them for the caregiving of June. Mary shares her concerns with Taylor and with Nora herself. 

June notices that Connor revised the marriage license, and there is no prenuptial agreement. Connor explains that he has no intention of divorcing his bride-to-be. Shortly after the conversation, she begins to feel ill.

Emma gives Nora a file and begs her to give it to Conner. Nora reluctantly takes the folder. The contents have pictures of Taylor’s passport, but the name reads Hannah Mathers. (And her father worked for the company before being let go.) Nora holds off on giving the file to Connor, but Taylor finds it first and burns them in the kitchen sink before going to a fancy party. 

While Nora is making tea, she notices a jar that contains rat poison that is making June ill and slowly killing her. Before she can tell anyone, her abusive husband shows up to rob the place. Nora locks him in the basement after pushing a shelf on him. 

At the party, Taylor is accosted by Rex, who realizes she doesn’t love him and is just using him to embezzle money. When her becomes aggressive, Taylor bashes him in the head with a random log. When he comes too, he tells Connor what is going on.  

Taylor comes home from the party early because of… murder. Nora tries to explain why her abusive husband is in the basement. Then Taylor sees the rat poison and knows that Nora is onto her. Taylor pulls a knife on Nora and forces her upstairs with June. 

Taylor explains that she had done everything for revenge because her father died in a drunk driving accident. She explains that she married Connor and ensured she was in the will. Now that Nora is there, her plan is even better because she has someone to pin everything on. Then she throws Nora down the stairs and begins to suffocate June with a pillow. 

Nora comes to and rushes to save her patient. The women fight over the knife until Connor shows up and restrains his wife. 

Nora doesn’t stay on as June’s caregiver and plans a brunch with her mother as a guest. She is NOT dating Conner, who has gotten back with Emma! (Poor Emma)

Side Note

Minority Report: Frank, Lucy, 

Lots of lies and deceit in this one, but it all checks out and makes sense so kudos to the writer Ansley Gordon and director 

Michelle Ouellet for keeping things moving! 

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*** I’ve updated the rating system moving forward. Knives represent # of kills. Wine is over enjoyment (NOT a value judgment) on a 1-5 scale.

 I will use the following tags for those who want to know whether to watch or skip: Pour it Up (Would Recommend) or Put A Cork In It (Would Not Recommend). 

Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

0 (No Knives)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine.)

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