Merry Kiss Cam (2022 Hulu)

Merry KissCam CR: JoAnn Jardine/Hulu

Merry Kiss Cam (2022 Hulu)

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Cast: Jesse Bradford, Katie Lowes

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Synopsis (via Hulu)

When widowed artist Jess and sports-loving bartender Danny go on a first date at a hockey game, they are embarrassed to find themselves on the kiss cam. But their first kiss proves to be magical in more ways than one, as their team scores a game-winning goal directly after. Now despite having seemingly little in common and both having emotional hurdles that have kept them single in the past, Jess and Danny must continue to attend the team’s games together or risk the wrath of thousands of hockey fans who believe their kisses to be a good luck charm.

Hulu Christmas 

Recap/Wine Thoughts

At a Christmas art gallery, Jess watches people cheerily drink champagne. She doesn’t partake until everyone asks her what is next, and she starts chugging champagne. Jess is the artist.

Cut to a bar, which is a totally different vibe than a fancy art show. The patrons watch a college hockey game for their beloved but terrible, Bulldogs. Danny is the bartender and plays the games because it is a tradition his dead father started. 

Jess locks herself down to work on her next project but she is coming up blank. Her quirky best friend Casey tries to get Jess to go out and blow off some steam, but Casey is insistent. 

Eventually, Jess can’t be locked up anymore and goes to a local bar. The bar that Danny owns. He gives her some ginger snaps and questions/flirts with her. Jess is socially awkward and doodles on a coaster while drinking her wine. When she leaves, Danny picks up the coaster and sees that she drew a picture of his father and her name.

With nothing to go on but her name, Danny looks on Instagram on his computer and accidentally likes a picture. Then he slides into the DM’s and invites her to a college hockey game. 

Jess gets the DM and shows Casey, who encourages her to go on the date. Since she has artist block, what else is going on! 

 At the hockey game, Danny explains what a Zamboni is and breaks down a hockey stick and puck for her. She thinks he is hilarious and is surprisingly into the game. The kiss cam goes around the stadium. Danny and Jess laugh about how much they hate the kiss cam and end up on it. The crowd chants, “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss,” and Jess goes for it and says it is for the win. They kiss passionately, and then the Bulldogs win! 

Danny continues to stalk Jess on social media and learns that she has a fiance who tragically died before they could be married. Danny gets a lot of information from his obituary. He is surprised Jess didn’t tell him on their first date. 

On their second date, Jess and Danny meet on her turf… a nice restaurant. He opens up about his mother and father dying. He runs the bar because he likes the atmosphere, and it makes him feel close to his family. He also mentions wanting to be a dinosaur when he was a kid. Danny leaves the floor open for Jess to divulge her traumatic past too, but she isn’t ready to open up.  

The two take a ride on a Zamboni and continue to go to games together. They are put back on the kiss cam and everyone cheers because the last time they kissed on cam, the Bulldogs won. It happens AGAIN! 

A happy dating montage happens, where they kiss a lot and continue to go to games and on dates. It is very cute. 

Danny and Jess become local celebrities and have to repeat this kiss cam and pretzel eating. Danny invites Jess to a big family event, and she gets spooked. Danny notices and takes her up to the roof of the bar to talk. Jess tells him that she is overwhelmed and the holidays are hard for her. He thinks she is finally opening up to him, but she chickens out and blames it on work. 

Speaking of work, Jess gets inspiration and starts to paint again. She gets upset with Danny when he pressures her to go with him to a fitting for his family event. Uncle Pat is there for the fight and stops by Jess’s apartment to apologize for the misunderstanding. 

Jess finally opens up to Danny about her fiance, who died and explains that she didn’t want to ruin the connection they had. The next day, Danny takes Jess to Mark’s gravesite, and she realizes that he looked her up online and used things he learned online to get close to her.

With the couple split up, The Bulldogs are on a losing streak. The fans all try to kiss on the kiss cam in a fun montage. 

Danny talks to an art investor and convinces her to buy Jess’s uncompleted collection. It means a lot to Jess, and she meets Danny and finally opens up. They hug and makeup. Jess also says goodbye to Uncle Pat, who hugs her and slips a game ticket into her pocket. 

Jess heads to the airport to leave town, and The Bulldogs are down and out. Danny goes to the game and waits for Jess to hopefully show up. Jess finds the ticket and rushes to the stadium.

The kiss cam is on them, and they kiss for luck. The crowd goes wild, and they really freak out when The Bulldogs win!

Jess stays in town and teaches art. She also redesigned the bar logo to feature Danny’s dad as a Christmas present because it is a Christmas movie! They remembered! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Sonja, Casey, 

This move was a nice change of pace.

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