A Hollywood Christmas (2022 HBO Max)

A Hollywood Christmas (2022 Hallmark)

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Cast: Jessika Van, Josh Swickard, Missi Pyle

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Jessica is a young, up-and-coming filmmaker in Hollywood who has made a name for herself directing Christmas movies. But when handsome network executive Christopher shows up threatening to halt production on her latest movie, Jessica’s assistant, Reena, points out the irony: Jessica isn’t just trying to save her Christmas movie, she’s actually living in one! Jessica must now juggle all the classic tropes—her actors falling in and out of love, a wayward elf dog, and her own stirring romantic feelings for her perceived nemesis—in order to get her movie and her life to their happy endings. Is there enough Christmas magic to pull it off? In Hollywood? In July?

Recap/Wine Thoughts

We start in a cheap-looking Holiday town. It is a familiar scene a beautiful blonde is baking Christmas cupcakes in her cafe when a handsome businessman comes in and tells her that he is buying the property to build condos.

Then someone sneezes.

It is a movie set in Hollywood, and prolific Christmas movie director Jessica checks in with the sneezy actor allergic to dogs. He is replaced with a guy in a suit at craft services named Christopher. 

The blonde lead doesn’t understand what movie she is in and is ditzy AF. The handsome hunk, Michael, is self-obsessed. Jessica has her handful filming the movie, especially when Christopher tells her he isn’t an extra. He is with the network and tells her that they are setting down the Christmas Movie division. He isn’t buying it but will be on set for the rest of filming to make sure they stay on budget. 

Jessica and her assistant, Reena, try to convince Christopher that Christmas movies are predictable because they are comforting. Reena is thrilled because the situation is like a Christmas movie, Christmas in July.

Ashley has a breakdown and refuses to come to set. When Jessica can’t smooth things over, Christopher gives it a try and charms her. When Ashley gets to set, she improvizes and throws her co-star Michael off. Jessica stops the scene to stroke both of their egos. She asks Michael to try and befriend Ashley off-set. 

After Jessica and Christopher spend some time talking and she finds out he is an Ivy League guy from Prinston, Reena is convinced that he is Jessica’s Christmas prince. She also warns Jessica not to change the movie tropes; you can’t mess with the formula. 

Jessica meets with the new head of the network, Theresa Frost, who confirms that they are shutting down the Christmas movie division. Theresa is also Christopher’s WIFE?!?! 

The movie’s budget gets slashed because budgets are Christmasy. Such things as townspeople, snow, and musical choir all get cut. Jessica isn’t making the film she planned to make, but honestly, the movie she is filming will not save Christmas movies.

Reena holds a group therapy session for Jessica and Christopher. Santa interrupts, and he is a METHOD actor. 

It sparks Jessica’s imagination, and she recruits the crew to be in the movie. Theresa shows up to set and is very impressed; she storms off set, and her decision to shut down Christmas is confirmed. 

Before she leaves the lot, Jessica chases down Theresa to see what her childhood Christmas trauma is. Theresa says she wasn’t cast in the Christmas recital when she was a kid, so Jessica casts her as the signer for the Christmas band.

It is the big town Christmas tree lighting scene. Good God, this fake movie is so bad. The actual movie isn’t much better, tbh. Theresa sings, and she isn’t bad, even if she is reverbed to hell. 

The snow machine doesn’t go off and ruins the shot, but Theresa is convinced and honors Jessica’s three-picture deal. Christopher wants to help produce the movies with Jessica. They almost kiss, but Jessica stops him because of his wife. Christopher clarifies that Theresa is his WORK WIFE. (Eyeroll!) 

Jessica and Christopher kiss for real, and the snow machine stops working, or is it Santa’s Christmas Magic? They kiss some more. 

Side Note

Hollywood is not as fascinating as they think it is. 

Minority Report: Jessica, Daniel, Reena,

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Overall rating

 Christmas Vibes:🎄 (1 Christmas Tree)

Enjoyment Level: 🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine.)

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