Burned by Love (2023 Lifetime)

Burned by Love (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Shiva Negar, Dillon Casey

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A divorcee meets her perfect match on an online dating site, only to discover he’s a scammer looking to destroy her life, escalating into a violent stalker when she attempts to bring him to justice. Stars Shiva Negar, Dillon Casey, and Drew Nelson (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

A husband ruins a surprise birthday party by storming into the house and making out with another woman. His wife Ashley and her friends all yell, 

“surprise”, and then she storms out.

Cut to one year later, Ashley is living in a new home, and her career as an artist is taking. Her friend, Tess, thinks it is time for her friend to get back to dating and sets up a dating app for Ashley. She is hesitant at first but eventually matches with a guy named Marco. 

Ashley gets a gig working on a mural in a restaurant, and a man there hears her dating app chime. He wishes her luck with her relationship and thinks things will work out for her.

Ashley and Marco do a virtual date, and she thinks the whole thing is a little weird and unfulfilling. They imagine what their perfect date would look like. Late he calls her and tells her that he has been robbed and all his accounts have been hacked. They were planning on taking a Vacation together, but now he can’t access his accounts. Ashley writes him money to pay for the trip. 

All dressed and ready for a tropical getaway, Ashley calls Marco, but his line is disconnected. He ghosts her and takes $10,000 from her. Ashley files a police report and feels foolish. She vents to Tess, which turns into looking Marco up online. He is on all the dating websites coning women into giving him money. 

Marco realizes that the women are onto him when he sees a warning post online with his photo saying he is a romantic scammer. Naturally, Marco blames Ashley and stalks her, and destroys a mural she is working on. 

Ashley doesn’t seem to notice Marco because she is already hooking up with Chef Grant from the restaurant she is working at. Marco certainly doesn’t forget Ashley and watches them have sex. Then he downloads files from her laptop. Eventually, the new love birds hear a crash and rush down to find a broken window downstairs. 

Ashly is convinced that it is her ex, Roger. She confronts him, unaware that she is being followed. Once she is done with Roger, Marco beats Roger up and demands he shares Ashley’s deepest darkest secrets. 

Tess is next on Marco’s tour de Ashley. Tess is properly freaked out and killed while making a teapot. (Why are BFFs always making tea!) Shely comes over and finds the teapot still on and becomes concerned. Then she gets a call from Tess’s phone. Marco didn’t kill her. He kidnaps her and holds Tess, hostage in exchange for Ashley restoring his reputation online.

Marco bugs Ashley, and he listens in as she begs Grant for help; Grant doesn’t want to get involved. He suggests Ashley look into contacting the POLICE, maybe. (Ashley doesn’t want to contact the police because they didn’t help her initially.) 

Left with no other options, Ashley meets Marco for a fancy dinner. She flips the tables on Marco when all the other women in the restaurant turn out to be women he has fucked over. As she unlays her plan, Marco grabs a knife and holds her hostage when the police come. Marco takes Ashley out of the restaurant to be held with Tess. 

Ashley is of course, saved, and the publicity from the kidnapping makes the restaurant and mural a huge success! She ends up with Roger! Yay! 

Side Note

Minority Report: None

This one was pretty dull. 


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