My Landlord Wants Me Dead (2023 Lifetime)

My Landlord Wants Me Dead (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Emily Roslyn Villarreal, Roy Abramsohn, Joey Heyworth

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Madeline flunks out of college and loses her job, she turns to her Aunt Grace for help. A secluded ranch house with a cute neighbor and beautiful scenery seems too good to be true until a series of strange and terrifying events begin to occur. With nowhere else to go, Madeline launches an investigation in an attempt to protect her Aunt Grace, not knowing that her own life is at stake. Stars Emily Roslyn Villarreal, and Roy Abramsohn.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins in a coach house; we see a woman in silhouette telling her landlord (I’m assuming) that she is moving in with her boyfriend. The landlord strangles her as she screams, “I DON’T LOVE UUUUUUU!” 

Cut to a hunk neighbor working on his car as a beautiful woman pulls up. Maddie is moving in with her Aunt Grace for the summer after a rough go at attempting college and the passing of her mother. Paul, Aunt Grace’s husband, is LIVID about her moving into the coach house. 

Aunt Grace admits that her marriage with Paul is on the rocks and didn’t have a good relationship with Maddie’s mother. Grace decides to take some time and go to Africa to take wildlife photos. (It is messed up that Grace just leaves Maddie with her husband who she hates.) 

Paul has one rule for Maddie as a house guest, stay out of the bedroom where he killed that girl. Cell reception is spotty, and there is no wifi; Maddie doesn’t seem too concerned. (I would be outta there so quickly!)

 Alone in the house, Maddie drinks wine and looks at photos of a mystery woman. She calls her friend from college, Layla, from the landline. (It is a rotary phone, which like… REALLY! Who has one of those.)

Kevin, the neighbor, stops by and scares Maddie half to death. He is looking for his lost cat. Maddie asks him about noises she keeps hearing at night. He blames the wildlife, but Maddie feels like someone is watching her. 

Paul shows up unannounced and catches Maddie in her underwear. She quickly goes to change and hears Paul crying in the bedroom and smells lavender. He is a weird guy!

Maddie continues to hear banging outside of the apartment. She invites her friend Layla over for some comfort, but that safe feeling doesn’t last long because Paul is literally peaking in through the windows and dumping blood into the water tank.

While listening to an old iPad she finds, Maddie takes a bath. Then dark red blood starts coming out of the faucet, which is terrifying! She frantically calls Paul and begs him to come over. He suggests she has her period and has a good laugh to himself about it.

The next day, Paul comes to clean out the water tank and finds the collar for Kevin’s missing cat. Maddie doesn’t have the heart to break the bad news to her neighbor. She does invite him over for pizza and wine. They make out and talk about her dead mother, not in that order! (I’m not sure which way would be weirder.) 

The makeout session is cut short when Kevin sees the iPod Maddie has been listening to. 

Maddie notices Paul’s car out front the next morning and knocks on the main bedroom door; Paul answers it buck ass naked. Paul loves that he is getting to Maddie. She is uncomfortable and upset and calls her friend; Layla tells Maddie to stay in a hotel or stay with Kevin. 

While in the shower humming to herself, Paul breaks in and tampers with the bathroom door knob. When Maddie tries to leave the bathroom, the door handle falls off, leaving her stuck inside. Kevin rescues her and spends the night to make her feel safe. 

Kevin has trouble sleeping because they are sharing a twin bed. They decided to break into the main bedroom because it had a queen bed. Once they get in they don’t sleep on that queen bed, if you know what I mean. (Paul watches them get it on from the window and trashes the house after they fall asleep.)

Layla comes over to spend the night after Maddie turns down Kevin’s invitation to stay at his palace. The girls go through items in the secret bedroom which includes a black wig and candles. Layla reads a photography journal, and it is all about someone named KC.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! While the girls are talking, Paul breaks into the bedroom and cuddles with KC’s mummified body (stored in a garment bag) hidden under the bed. 

The movie flashes to the summer before when Aunt Grace hired KC as a model and let her stay in the guest room. Paul became obsessed with her and got insanely jealous when KC and Kevin started hooking up. When she tells Paul that she is moving in with Kevin, he murders her. (Wow, that was a lot.)

Kevin catches Paul loitering around the house and confronts him. Paul knocks Kevin unconscious. 

Layla inexplicably goes back to her dorm, and Paul follows her. She looks into his past and finds a case about a former therapist he may have killed. 

Paul knocks on the door and gets into her room by posing as a maintenance man. Layla tries to barricade herself in the bathroom, but Paul hammers through the door a la Jack Torrance. 

Maddie is mildly concerned the next day when she doesn’t hear from Kevin or Layla, but she decides to go on a solo hike instead. As she drinks from her water bottle, she becomes groggy and passes out on the trail. She wakes up in the dark and just shrugs it off like that is normal. 

When Maddie is finally home, she reviews the footage, sees Paul in town, and that he drugged her water bottle. He also locked the bodies of Kevin and Layla in the bedroom with KC.

Paul comes into the house and tells her he will kill her next. Maddie tries to run away but sees Layla’s phone in Paul’s car. Then she grabs a shovel and swings it at Paul, demanding to know what he did with her friend.

Maddie hits him three times: One for Lalya, one for Kevin, and one for KC. Then she calls 911.

Paul wakes up and almost strangles her to death, but she takes him out with a hammer. 

The police arrive and question Maddie. Paul is dragged away in handcuffs. Aunt Grace returns from her trip and is like, “WTF!”

One year later, Maddie shares her pictures from that summer in a photo exhibit. What she experienced is the price she pays for being an artist. That’s rough. 

Side Note

Can we agree Aunt Grace is just the worst aunt ever?!

Emily Roslyn Villarreal first lead role in a Lifetime Movie. She will get there; this wasn’t her best acting. 

Minority Report: Aunt Grace, Maddie, Layla


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  1. Horrible movie! Bad acting, by main actress plays Maddie. She sounds like some weird valley girl.
    The actor playing Paul is also bad.
    The movie, too much is given away, so you know who did what.
    Skip it!

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