Giving Hope: The Ni’Cola Mitchell Story (2023 Lifetime)

Giving Hope: The Ni’Cola Mitchell Story (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Tatyana Ali, Kudakwashe Rutendo, Tamara Marcano

Director: Alpha Nicky Mulowa

Writer:Adam Rockoff

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Hayley enjoys her job creating murder mystery parties at the famous Blackthorne Manor. As guests settle in for a fun-filled, spooky weekend, Hayley puts on a show, exploiting one of Blackthorne’s deadly pasts. But later that night, she discovers the owner of the manor dead. With a house full of suspects, she must work with her handsome coworker and her boss’s business partner to solve the real-life murder mystery while keeping everyone else in the dark. Stars Christie Leverette, Bobby Slaski, and Veronica Martell (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Tatyana Ali plays successful author Ni’Cola, who feels like an impostor. She has only been a published author for a few years and isn’t as satisfied as she thought she should be. That is until she sees a young girl reading her book.

 Ni’Cola tells the young girl about growing up in Jamacia and being abused by a Nun named Barbara. She tells the girl to believe in herself. The girl inspires Ni’Cola to start a program called “Girls Who Brunch.” She makes it a red-carpet event in Charleston, SC. Ni’Cola fronts the money for the gift bags in hopes that things will take off. 

The event is a huge success and is posted all over social media. Ni’Cola tells the girls that they deserve to have a fun brunch and make friends. She wants to be there for every girl because she doesn’t want to empower and leave them alone.

The movie flashes back to a time when a choir director raped her. She doesn’t want anyone to feel bad about themselves, the way he made her feel. 

Even though interest is high, they need help planning the next Gilr Brunch event. Ni’Cola recruits her sister and daughter to take things to the next level. When that doesn’t work, the girls have a dance party because why not!

Ni’Cola receives word from her doctor that she has cancer and needs special treatment. She will suffer from extreme fatigue and will need to rest, putting her event plans on hold. Since this is Ni’Cola, not even cancer can stop her from coming through for her girls. 

Reno, Nevada, is where Ni’cola went to school. She meets with an old teacher and is inspired to work with potential writers to help get them some of the success she has enjoyed. 

While recovering, Ni’Cola has a hard time taking it easy. She cries while looking at social media and takes a full year to get back to a healthy status with her doctor. She beat cancer! (


 Ni’Cola hosts a gala to celebrate the continued success of Girls Who Brunch. She makes an impassioned speech to the attendees to let them know they matter. Ni’Cola is named L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth, which honors extraordinary women who selflessly volunteer their time to serve their communities.

Side Note

Easter Heart Warming Movie. Meh! Not for me, but if you like that sort of thing. Go for it!

Minority Report: The cast features an all-Black cast. 

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