Don’t Kill the Babysitter (2023 Lifetime)


Don’t Kill the Babysitter (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Valentina Andrade, Dawn Nagazina, D. Adam Jamieson

Director: Chris Bragg

Writer: Mariannjely Marval

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Mariela Rodriguez, an Au Pair from Venezuela takes a nannying job with the Collins family. On the surface they seem like the perfect American family, but she soon comes to realize that they have ulterior motives for hiring her.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

A car pulls into a secluded area of the Colorado wilderness on a snowy night. A man and woman leave the vehicle and dispose of a body.

Cut to a doctor reviewing a babysitter application and selecting a young woman named Mariela Rodriguez. She gets a work visa to work as an Au Pair in the States and is thrilled for the opportunity to be on her own. Her sister and niece are sad to see Mariela go.

Mariela leaves Venezuela and heads to meet the perfect family. Mr. and Mrs. Collins welcome her and introduce them to their daughter Abby. They seem totally normal. Chase shows Mariela her room (Which features a lot of sponsored skin care.) Lori does the cooking and asks Mariela to keep Abby occupied, but not with technology. (Lori monitors her daughter’s online activity with an app.) Lori gives Mariela a cell phone and tells her that the family values privacy. No posting on social media and no sharing of their address. (Other rules include No smoking, drinking, or washing dishes by hand.)

We learn that Mariela was not hired through an agency, and the arrangement was made between the couple privately. They are for sure hiding something.

Abbey is in school for most of the day leaving Mariela time to go for a run thought the woods. As she does, Mariana feels like someone is following her. She runs faster and bumps into another nanny named Sarah. They become fast friends meeting up for jogs. A man is following Mariela though and when he tries to talk to her, she punches him in the face.

Lori comes home early and is worried that Mariela isn’t home. Lori asks Mariela to let her know the next time she leaves the house. When Mariela tells Lori about the guy, Lori freaks out and almost bans Mariela from leaving the house. Lori tells Mariela that she is special and she just wants to keep her safe.

Chase and Lori argue over what to do. They decide to let Mariela continue to jog with Sarah, but continue to keep secrets from their new babysitter. (And us, the viewers!)

Sarah looks up the man that attacked Mariela and they learn he is a criminal named Jacob Raven. Sarah thinks it is hilarious that Mariela punched her attacker and gives her some pepper spray for next time. They joint babysit and Sarah talks about wanting to be a nurse and babysitting is just a means to an end. As they talk, Abbey goes missing for a second and Lori goes into a full on panic attack.

After she calms down, Lori asks Mariela questions about her relationships and family life. We learn that Mariela’s mother passed away. Lori tells Mariela her love story with Chase.

Mariela offers to watch Abbey so Chase and Lori can go out for a date night. Abbey wants to play hide and seek and the child hides in her parents room, even though she isn’t allowed to go in there. Mariela finds the kid AND a bottle of pills for blood pressure/heart failure.

Someone breaks into the house and it starts storming randomly. Mariela follows muddy footprints to Chase’s office and finds paper scattered everywhere. Jacob Raven grabs her and Mariela fights him off of her. He tells her that she is in danger before she knocks him unconscious. The police come and take him away. The shock of the incident sends Lori into another panic attack and Mariela asks her about the heart pills. Lori and Chase minimize the severity of Lori’s symptoms.

Mariela calls her sister, who tells her to come home and if not at least be careful. Mariela later shares her concerns with Sarah, who finds an article linking Jacob Raven to the family. (He used to be a janitor at the hospital?) Mariela asks Sarah to snoop through Chase’s office while at the hospital for a job interview.

Chase visits Jacob Raven in the hospital and injects him with something lethal.

Sarah interviews with Chase for a nursing position and he seems unimpressed. Chase rudely leaves the interview to take a call leaving Sarah alone to look through his files. She finds a file on Mariela that reads, “Organ Donor Match.” Sarah frantically tries to text Mariela to warn her, but Lori intercepts the messages. Lori stops Sarah from coming in the house and offers her money and a job in the hospital to keep quiet. Sarah refuses and pulls out some pepper spray that Mariela have BACK to Sarah for protection.

Chase attacks Sarah before she can spray. He an Lori drive the body to the woods and it is Sarah’s body they were disposing of in the beginning of the movie.

Abbey is sent out of town suddenly to stay with her grandparents and Mariela is given the weekend off. As Lori rushes Abbey out the door she drops Sarah’s pepper spray. Mariela searches the house for clues as to what is going on. Then she finds a red switch and presses it. The switch opens a secret door behind a bookshelf to an elevator.

Instead of leaving, Mariela takes the elevator downstairs. She finds medical equipment, scans, and nanny applications. (That for some reason list blood type?! I don’t even know my own blood type.) Mariela realizes she is being used for a black market heart to save Lori’s life.

Chase catches Mariela, who does a remarkable jog at staying calm, until she is stabbed in the next with a syringe and sedated. Chase and Lori prep for surgery and he reminds Lori why they are doing all of this, so they can raise Abbey together.

A police officer interrupts and has questions about Sarah’s disappearance. Mariela tries to break free after waking up. Lori explains that they killed Sarah and Jacob so they could get the heart. Mariela begs for her life, but Chase is unrattled. Since he is a respected surgeon, he feels he is untouchable.

Mariela asks them why they think her life doesn’t matter. Lori has a change of heart and knocks her husband out before untying Mariela. Lori goes into heart failure and falls on the floor. Before Mariela can escape, Chase comes to and locks the house with the push of a button. Mariella calls the police and tries to call out for help while being strangled by Chase.

He grabs a knife and corners her, but Mariela uses the pepper spray to save herself and then she grabs a teapot and hits him with it.

One year later, Mariela visits Lori in jail and fills her in on her life, which. is going good. Mariela is in grad school and visits Abbey on the weekends. She thanks Lori for helping her in the end and the only reason Lori is alive is because Chase’s heart went to her.

Mariela offers her forgiveness and it is more than Lori deserves, but it is nobel. Mariela calls her sister and niece and tells them that she isn’t afraid anymore. They plan on visiting soon and are very proud of Mariela for chasing her dreams. The bench she sits on is dedicated the Sarah. The end!

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

The Movie is also known as Devious Deeds

If I die, please do NOT dedicate a bench in my name. I don’t want people sitting on me.

Minority Report: Mariela, Ana, Sofie,

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Number of Kills:
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  1. Somehow comment vanished…
    Really good movie. Heroine was capable aside from making a couple Lifetime rookie mistakes. Sidenote: If you find out something important please don’t leave a text and/or a voice message stating so. Just say “Call me as soon as you have a chance”.

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