Holiday High School Reunion (2013 Lifetime)


Holiday High School Reunion (2013 Lifetime)

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Cast: Rachel Boston, Jonathan Bennett, Marilu Henner, Jon Prescott

Director: Marita Grabiak

Writer: Barbara Kymlicka

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a woman learns of her high school reunion a week before Christmas, she’s ecstatic to finally have her chance to win back the one “that got away”.

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie starts at an INTENSE fashion show. Rachel Boston is a wannabe fashion designer but really she is an assistant seamstress. (The designer literally does pirouettes on the runway.) Rachel Boston calls her mom Marilu Henner to talk about her trip home for the holidays. They laugh about Rachel Boston’s dating life innersut with couples photos. (Which includes Kris a lesbian lover in college?!?!

As Rachel Boston packs for her trip home she looks at a photo of her and her high school boyfriend and the movie flashes back to high school where Rachel Boston is a popular peppy cheerleader. (Which is probably accurate!) She kisses her hunk jock boyfriend Craig.

Rachel Boston comes home and sees an invitation to her ten year high school reunion. Rachel Boston was voted most likely to succeed and she is embarrassed to show her face. Marilu Henner tries to convince. her daughter to go since she has to go as a teacher.

Fellow popular mean girls Tori, Heather, and Katie tell Rachel Boston that they get to perform TWO numbers at the high school reunion. Tori is a successful model, Katie is a whore, and Heather is on a diet. They question Rachel Boston about her life and she makes up a fake boyfriend and hides the framed picture of Craig she packed in her suitcase.

Ben (Played by Jonathan Bennett) runs into Rachel Boston at a Christmas tree farm. The catch up is cut short then they see Craig and Rachel Boston fantasizes about the reunion and romance with Craig.

WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH RACHEL BOSTON’S DAD? He basically tells her that she is a failure?

Nerds set up for the runion and all the popular people come dressed up! The gym is decorated with snowflakes. Rachel Boston and her girlfriends walk around judging everyone. Then they see Craig and he throws a football in slow motion. The football knocks a drink onto Rachel Boston’s dress and she rushes to the bathroom. Ben is in there and he literally pees in front of her, their friendship is strange.

Tori, Katie, and Heather begin to doubt Rachel Boston is a successful fashion designer since they never seen her dresses in stores. Tori makes a move on Craig while Rachel Boston is in the bathroom, and it reminds her of when Tori tried to steal her man in high school by sexily twirling a baton. Rachel Boston isn’t phased by bullying and sneaks into the principal’s office with Ben. They randomly TP the office to Christmas music.

Ben tells Rachel Boston that he moved to Europe for a while and lived the life of a starving artist. Rachel Boston admits to not finishing college and tries to lie about her job, but she bites her fingernails, which is her lie tell that only Ben knows. Their debauchery is interrupted by a surprise stalker/work intern, Brooke. (She is intense!)

Rachel Boston finally works up the nerve to talk to Craig, and he doesn’t really remember her. They try to make small talk but he is kind of vapid. Tori interrupts and tries to put Rachel Boston down.

Katie has an obsession with her former Chemistry teacher and orgasmically talks to him about the periodic table. (Very disturbing!)

The Glee Club takes the stage and does their best Mean Girls “Jingle Bell Rock” knock off. They are dressed as angels and sing “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” and then turn into sexy sluts singing a disco remix. (The offbeat clapping was so distracting here.) Rachel Boston knocks over. snowflake and falls behind on the choreography. Then Tori tried to push Rachel Boston off the stage again!

Marilu Henner ices her daughters leg and tells her an embarrassing story from HER high school reunion. She minds Rachel Boston that it is just one night, not the rest of her life. Rachel Boston hears Tori talking trash about her in the hallway and isn’t sure whe wants to perform the next number.

Ben fake plays guitar in the music room and Rachel Boston joins him. They sing an original Christmas song together. Rachel Boston suddenly becomes country and grabs a mariachi. They sing the entire song and are falling in love, maybe. They almost kiss but are interrupted by Craig on the xylophone.

Craig takes Rachel Boston on a walk around school. He is a tool and remembers nothing meaningful to Rachel Boston. He does remember the pigs in a blanket from the cafeteria. This triggers a food fight memory. Rachel Boston asks him what would of happened if they hadn’t broken up, Craig kisses her, and it triggers another memory. (This time of Ben and her shooting fireworks at the mascot.)

Rachel Boston runs to the bathroom to think and hears her friends talking trash about her. They call her a sad, pathetic loser. Rachel Boston accidentally flushes the toilet, and Tory sees that Rachel Boston heard the whole thing.

Ben and Rachel Boston talk outside about high school is not all they remembered. Ben talks her up and tells her that she is awesome. She decides to show everyone how awesome she is in the final Glee Club number. Rachel Boston puts on a cheerleading outfit and does a painful-looking splitz on stage. Ben jumps on stage and tries to support them with some embarrassing dance move. No one is impressed.

The movie flashes back to Rachel Boston designing Ben a terrible-looking suit. Then to Ben sketched Rachel Boston like one of his French girls. (The sketch is terrible BTW!) Ben and Rachel Boston laugh on the football, remembering how annoying they were in high school. They almost kiss again, but are interrupted by the jocks playing a pickup game.

Tory decides to kick Rachel Boston out of the glee club because of her stunt. Marilu overhears them as being mean from outside the classroom. She rushes to tell her daughter but finds her muddy from the football field. She tells Rachel Boston that she doesn’t need to tear someone down to make them feel better.

Katie hits on the teacher again and wants to do it in his classroom at midnight. The microphone pick up. the whole conversation. The teacher ends the night early to be with Katie.

Brooke realizes that Ben is in love with Rachel Boston.

The Glee club takes the stage and sings a remix of “Oh Christmas Tree” GOD IT IS GRATING! UGH!

Rachel Boston takes the stage and tells the crowd that she isn’t the most likely to succeed and admits to still trying to figure it out. Then she breaks into “O Holy Night” in full. Marilu Henner sheds a tear and is proud of her daughter for being a random hot mess. Then she encourages ben to share how he feels because he watches Rachel Boston sign adoringly.

Ben admits that he has always been in love with Rachel Boston. Craig interrupts again, AND SHE DANCES WITH HIM? WTF!

The movie flashes back to prom, where Rachel Boston found Craig coming out of a classroom after hooking up with Tory. Rachel Boston breaks up with him. Ben dances the last dance at prom with her even though she is heartbroken.

Rachel Boston remembers what happened and breaks up with Craig again. He calls her a liar and NOT a trophy wife. (Which no one should aspire to.) He then goes to hook up with Tory while checking out another girl on the way.

Heather meets a guy by the chocolate cake and they fall in love.

Rachel Boston gives Ben his Secret Santa gift. The suit jacket she made for him in high school. She asks him to dance because he is the most amazing guy. Ben spins her around and forgives Rachel Boston for always giving him the brush off. They slow dance to Old Lang Syne and makeout hardcore. Then THE REMIX HAPPENS

Katie sleeps with her teacher on his desk while purring at him like a cat.

Side Note

It’s fun to see Hallmark starts before they were on the network.

There is a lot of body image stuff in this movie that wouldn’t fly today.

“Maybe if you would stop stuffing your face you’d wouldn’t get dumped all the time.” YIKES!

Minority Report: Brooke,

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