Stalkers (2013 Lifetime)

Stalkers (2013 Lifetime)

Cast: Jodi Lyn O’KeefeMena SuvariDrea de Matteo

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Revolves around a criminal prosecutor who penned the law on stalking in California and is based on the true story of a hot-head cop and polished district attorney who team to bring a stalker obsessed with her former lover to justice.


Abby is on a road trip and is followed by an aggressive driver in a truck. He slams into the back of her car multiple times and runs her off a bridge. She survives the crash and crawls out of the car, and the man, who is her husband, shoots her. 

Diane Harkin is a badass detective who solves things in strange slow-motion flashbacks. She is partnered with a hot new detective named Cliff. She tells him she doesn’t need a babysitter, and she is not going to sleep with him. (I guess she doesn’t want a partner.) 

DA Jacob is having an affair with his co-worker, Julie. They make out in the office. He is supposed to approve a task force for Diane to protect abused women, but it is disbanded due to pressure from higher-ups. Julia is a social climber and takes cases using victims to build her profile. Oh my god, this movie is so boring.

Diane looks through case files and questions victims of a woman named Ivy, who is a STALKER. (Like the title suggests.) She opens up to them and shows her scars from attacks she has suffered. Diane wants to get Ivy locked up in Jail. Diane talks to Lawyer Julia, who takes the statement of Jen Andrews. (She was a victim of Ivy’s stalking. Which started as a romance and turned into an obsession.)

Diane tracks down Ivy at her place of employment after receiving a note on a napkin. Ivy is vague with her answers and knows the law causing Diane to get nowhere with her questioning line. Ivy breaks into Diane’s house and is caught red-handed for stalking.

With Ivy in custody, Jen Andrews packs her things and tries to get out of town. Ivy is released and breaks into Jen’s house and holds her and her boyfriend hostage. Diane and Cliff burst into the house, and Ivy shoots at them. She forces Jen to choose between her or her new boyfriend. Jen can’t make a choice, so Ivy forcer her to kiss them both and then decide. The SWAT team bursts but Ivy manages to get away… SOMEHOW! 

It turns out that Ivy had been living in the basement of Jen Andrews’s house and had a shrine to the woman. Diane finds the room, and they finally have evidence to take Ivy down. Ivy calls Diane and kidnaps her son. She holds him hostage in exchange for Jen.

Diane and Jen meet at the drop point. Ivy shoots Jen, and Diane chases after her as she tries to escape. They end up on the roof of the building. Diane shoots the crap out of Ivy, who is unarmed and surrenders, and the Assistant District Attorney sees her murder in cold blood. She covers for Diane. This is not a good look. The DA covering up excessive force by a police officer? Okay, we are done with this movie. Byeeeeeeee.

Side Note

Also known as Whisper of Fear

Waste of talents like Mena Suvari and Drea de Matteo.

Minority Report: Cliff

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2013 Lifetime

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