The Cheating Pact (2013 Lifetime)

The Cheating Pact (2013 Lifetime)

Cast: Daniela BobadillaLaura Ashley SamuelsLaura WigginsMax CarverCynthia GibbPaula Trickey

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

With help from her mother, a teenager must prove that two fellow students framed her for murder..


Heather, a brunette, sits in a cop car for the murder of her BFF, who is blonde. (Lifetime can only have one woman with each hair color in movies.) 

Flash to a few weeks earlier. High school students are prepping for the XET test day. Heather, Kylie, and her boyfriend Jordan struggle with the test, while their nerd friend Meredith takes the test with ease. 

The scores come back, and Heather is nervous to tell her mother. (TV movie icon Cynthia Gibb) Brenda is supportive of her daughter retaking the test because she needs to get a scholarship. (The family is having money problems.) Kylie’s mother is less supportive and tells her daughter to do whatever it takes to get a better score. 

Kylie comes up with a way to cheat on the exam. They pay Meredith $1000 to take the CET for them. At first, Meredith declines, but then she realizes her father’s insurance will no longer cover her brother’s medical treatments for his physical therapy. Meredith tells her father that she is going to get a job… cheating. (Well, she leaves the cheating part out, obviously.)

With Meredith in, Kylie recruits her boyfriend Jordan to make fake school IDs. They agree not to talk about the con digitally, so the only way they can get caught it is if someone tells. So the girls drive to long beach, and Meredith asks for payment upfront, which is a baller move. What isn’t cool is Meredith writes her name at the top of the test; I guess she isn’t as bright as everyone thinks she is. 

To celebrate a successful test, Heather takes Meredith shopping, and then they go to a party. Kylie is next to get Meredith to take the test for her. Meredith is starting her own little business and turns Kylie down because she is taking the test for Jordan. 

When Heather gets her rest score back, they are great. Miss Walters (Jamie Luner Lifetime B team)suspects that the jump in test scores is unusual. She calls Heather’s mom to see how Heather raised her score. Heather is spooked, but Kylie reassures her. Meredith is also not telling anyone because she realizes they need even more to keep up with her brother’s treatments after giving her father the money.

While taking the test for Jordan, Meredith runs into a nerdy boy named Scott from her school. He could spoil the whole operation, and Jordan beats him up to Scott will keep quiet. This is a step too far, and Heather wants out. 

Meredith also begins to feel used when a hunk seduces her and then tries to get her to take the test for him too. Kylie blackmails Meredith into taking the test by telling her she committed a felony and will spend three years in jail if she gets caught. Meredith takes the test but tanks it on purpose. 

Miss Walters sees Jordan’s new score and knows something is up. She goes to the principal, who asks her to keep quiet because Jordan and Kylie’s parents are big school donors. 

Heather needs to get the ID cards from Meredith, and they both agree that being fake (Like Kylie’s mom’s boobs) is not cool. But, before Heather can get to Meredith’s house, Kylie shows up first and demands Meredith retake the test. Meredith calls the cops, and Kylie wrestles the phone from her hands, sending Meredith flying down the stairs. 

Kylie empties Meredith’s pockets and steals the fake ID’s; then, she rubs her prints off the phone and leaves the body for Heather to find. The police arrive and question Heather because they think someone pushed Meredith over the railing, killing her. Heather cracks under pressure and comes clean about the cheating pact. 

Heather calls Kylie, who is less worried about Meredith and more worried about getting caught. Kylie convinces Jordan that they need to turn on Heather and be one another’s alibi. She is pretty manipulative, and I appreciate that. Detectives question Jordan, and he sticks to the story. He also admits to beating up Scott. 

When it is Kylie’s turn to talk to the detectives, she throws Heather under the bus. She claims that since Heather got in a fight with Meredith at school and most likely killed Meredith. Kylie’s mother finds the IDs and corroborates Kylie and Jordan’s alibi. 

Heather lawyers up and tries to get Jordan to turn on Kylie. They confront Kylie, and she admits that she accidentally pushed Meredith over the railing. Jordan tells her that he is going to change his statement to the police, so she grabs a knife and stabs Jordan. Heather wrestles the knife out of Kylie’s hand and is caught redhanded by the police. She is arrested, and Kylie doesn’t own up to what she has done… again. 

Cynthia Gibb is back and demands that Kylie tell the truth. No one can lie to Ms. Cynthia Gibb and Kylie locks herself in the bathroom and wont come out until her mother arrives. She tells her daughter to stick to the story and not tell the truth. Cynthia Gibb is outraged at Kylie and shames her into confessing.

Heather is released from custody and her first stop is Meredith’s house. She apologizes to Meredith’s father and they all have lunch together. Then end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective Joyce

CET = SAT (Probably due to some copyright issue or something.) 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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