Til Death Do Us Part (2014 Lifetime)

Til Death Do Us Part (2014 Lifetime)

Cast: Haylie DuffTy OlssonMagda Apanowicz

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Psychological thriller about a woman with a heart condition who begins to suspect that her new husband might not be who she thinks he is.


Sarah and Kevin are married in a beautiful lakeside venue. As they take wedding pictures, dance, and cut the cake, wedding guests gossip about how sad it is Sarah’s parents are dead and how they never thought Kevin was the marrying type. Sarah and Kevin are a mismatch for sure. 

The newlyweds move into a new house, and it comes with a nosey gardener named Alec. Alec seems to recognize Kevin, but they all laugh it off. At night though, Sarah has terrible nightmares that an oxygen mask and pills can only calm her down. (Kevin is a cardiologist and has access to all these things?)

On the first day of work, Sarah and Kevin rush out of the house together and a greeted by Alec’s dog Sunny, who won’t leave Kevin’s side. He shoos the dog off, annoyed. 

Sarah continues to take the medication her husband leaves her. She has a heart condition and is “lucky” enough to have married a cardiologist. Sarah bonds more with Alec because he is her only friend in town. Jolene, Kevin’s sister, visits a lot and pushes for Sarah to have kids. Cathy, Sarah’s childhood friend, visits the house and is unimpressed with Sarah’s new life. Cathy thinks that Kevin doesn’t seem like the family type. Sarah takes a break from Cathy after, Jolene encourages her to drop the negative energy. 

At work, Sarah makes friends with a guy named Ethan. Kevin is immediately jealous and makes a power move and invites Ethan to a housewarming party. Sarah wasn’t even planning a housewarming party and now had to do that too. Kevin is controlling Sarah in small, unnoticed ways. He tells Sarah to change her hair color and styles her clothing. Kevin also won’t let Sarah comfort Alec when Sunny disappears. 

Jolene interests herself in Sarah’s life and helps with home decor. (Although, I wouldn’t take the advice of that wine guzzling, smokey-eyed redhead.)

Ethan is arrested because he receives allegations of child molestation. Sarah is devastated, but Kevin says he knew it all along and was probably the person who made the call. Ethan loses his job, but Sarah still encourages him to come to her housewarming party.

The day of the housewarming party finally comes, and guests arrive to enjoy the newly renovated home. Sarah is dressed up how Kevin likes, but she gets into an argument when Joleine goes rouge on the decor. Sarah accuses Kevin of always siding with his sister, who has a key to the house. Sarah wants to see more of her husband and less of her sister-in-law. 

A phone call comes into the house phone. (Remember those.) It is the police for Kevin. They want to let him know that the charges against Ethan have been dropped. Sarah suspects Kevin made the accusations. When she confronts him, he apologizes and feeds her more pills. 

The next day at school, Sarah learns that Ethan had an aneurism that caused a brain hemorrhage. He died instantly. Kevin comforts Sarah with wine and pills. She starts to look into Kevin’s past online; Jolene looks at Sarah’s search history but leaves the laptop open. Sarah knows that Jolene knows.

Kevin has a work gala, and everyone attends. Sarah tries to dodge Jolene at the party and just wants alone time with Kevin, without his sister present. 

The nightmares continue to haunt Sarah and get more vivid. She is struggling against someone who has a syringe. Sarah is awakened in the middle of her night by shouting. It is Alec and Kevin. Alec remembers where he knows Kevin from, but before he can call the police. Kevin kills him with a syringe. Sarah faints and is gaslit by Kevin, who says he wasn’t talking with Alec.

The following day Sarah finds Alec dead in the garage and calls the police. The Detective interviews Sarah and asks Jolene to wait outside. Jolene watches and listens via a home security system. Kevin discredits Sarah by diagnosing her as bi-polar. (Something her mother suffered from too.)

Sarah looks up the medication she is on and learns they are responsible for her hallucinations. She dumps the pills and then reviews security footage. She sees Alec arguing with Kevin about his ex-wife Camile Cunningham who committed suicide. Sarah copies the footage, sneaks out of the house and recruits Cathy to help find out more. Cathy makes Sarah go to the police, who can’t do anything without evidence. (Stupid Cathy!)

Jolene and Kevin know that they are screwed and need to stop Sarah. Does Jolene kill Sarah’s mother-like figure, Liz, as payback? No, she is just knocked unconscious. Liz knows it was Jolene and tells Sarah to take care of herself.

Sarah does the opposite and returns home to Kevin and Jolene. Sarah accuses them of drugging his ex-wife (who looks just like Sarah.) and of drugging her. They take Sarah to the bathroom and plan to syringe her too. (It is the perfect weapon for a doctor, Kevin says.) Then he says the title of the movie, which is an automatic “Pour it Up” rating for us! 

Sarah fights back and takes both Kevin and Jolene out herself. Detectives arrive and arrest them. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Photographer, Darlene, Ethan, party guests, Detective, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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