William & Kate (2011 Lifetime)

William & Kate (2011 Lifetime)

Cast: Camilla LuddingtonNico Evers-SwindellJonathan Patrick MooreVictoria TennantCharles Shaughnessy

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

At university, Prince William and Kate Middleton fall in love. However, their relationship becomes strained under intense media scrutiny.


 The movie begins on a college campus of St. Andrews, and Kate Middleton (Grey’s Anatomy’s Camilla Luddington) is on the job with some friends. Prince William is also touring the campus with Prince Charles. They are very British or trying their best to do the accents. Prince William is naive and thinks he will just fit in like normal students. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The press hounds him, and cheering co-eds hold up “WILL you Marry Me” signs. (Get it… Will.)

William gets settled in his dorm room and is greeted by a man in a tuxedo who wants to be his wingman. The man’s name is Ian Musgrave, and he is way more charming than Prince William. They scope out girls together, and it is pretty gross. 

Kate and William are paired together in art class. Then, they start to study together, even though Kate has a jealous boyfriend. They also drink at the same pubs. You know, college life. The first semester ends, and William isn’t sure he will be back for the next semester. 

Kate goes home to PIPPA, her cool sister, and her parents. Her family wants to know all the gossip about William, but Kate insists they are just friends. 

In contrast, William goes home to his rigid family and a miscast Harry. (Who looks about 12) Prince Charles forbids William from dropping out of school. William calls Kate to let her know that he will be back at school and plans to change his major from art.

Back at school, Kate enters a fashion show, and William realizes that Kate is hot. He goes to kiss Kate, and she turns him down, saying he has had too much to drink AND she has a boyfriend. Kate tearily breaks up with her boyfriend and finds herself in Price William’s arms. (Quite the rebound.) 

William has his college friend over to the palace for a weekend. It is stuffy and seems boring AF. They all go duck hunting and have fancy dinners. The royal family approves of his friends, and they all move into a flat during their second year at university. (Think MTV’s the Real World, with a prince who can’t do anything for himself. Even cooking is dangerous for Prince William.) The friends continue to party and drink at bars. Eventually, William and Kate hook up but keep it a secret.

That doesn’t last long because the paparazzi start following the friends around. William wants to keep Kate a secret but invites her to his birthday party, where the queen will be in attendance. He barely even acknowledges Kates at the party and spends all his time with another girl. Kate storms out of the party and ignores William’s phone calls. 

Prince William tries to apologize to Kate and explains that his family has certain expectations. Kate continues to blow him off until an elaborate ski trip, where William sings karaoke to Kate. (This is his grand gesture to win her back? LAME! Was Prince William always this lame?) Kate and William go public with the relationship. 

Kate is immediately thrust into the public eye. Everyone suddenly wants something from her. William tries to warn Kate, but she is overwhelmed. Kate and William have a private getaway and talk about making real change to the monarchy. They try to figure out what the next steps for their relationship are after college.

Kate gets a job in fashion, and Prince William serves in the military. They meet on the weekends and dodge paparazzi who want to know when they will get engaged. Kate is overwhelmed with the scrutiny and is put in dangerous situations. Prince William wants to give her security, but since she is not a royal family member, there is nothing he can do… except propose. 

MR. SHEFFIELD IS IN THIS MOVIE?!?!?! (Small role as an air pilot, but worth mentioning.)

Reports of William partying without Kate. She is jealous but holding out for a proposal. Break up rumors hit the tabloids, and Kate is devastated and humiliated. Kate’s mother gives her daughter a pep talk and tells her to get back out in the public eye to remind William about what he is missing.

The plan works, and William calls Kate’s mother. William doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of his father and he finds Kate on a trip with her girlfriends. They are rowing a boat and William calls to Kate. She literally jumps out of the boat and swims to him. Prince William tells Kate that he misses and tells her that he loves on the dock. (He should have swam to her, amiright?)

They safari and that is where William proposes to Kate with that blue sapphire ring. The wedding comes quickly and the movie ends abruptly with real wedding footage.

Side Note

Minority Report: None. (Not surprising because the royal family is not known for embracing diversity, but we couldn’t get a teacher or reporter or something? Meh.)

Compared to Meghan and Harry, these two are pretty dull. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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