And Baby Will Fall (2011 Lifetime)

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And Baby Will Fall (2011 Lifetime)

Cast: Anastasia GriffithBrendan FehrClea DuVall

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Starring Anastasia Griffith, Brendan Fehr, and Clea Duvall. Expectant parents become prime suspects in the disappearance of a pregnant woman who was last seen at their garage sale. Based on the novel by Hallie Ephron.


A cute couple, Ivy and David, are having a baby for the first time. While David is working in the yard, they are prepping for the baby. Ivy’s BFF, Jody, stops by to help pack up things, and they throw items down a dumbwaiter from the attic. Jody tells her friend that she needs to babyproof. 

At a yard sale, Ivy and David reunite with an old high school classmate named Melinda. Melinda is pregnant too, and is due around the same date. Melinda’s mother used to work for the previous owner of the house, and she asks for a tour. There seems to be a history with Mindy and David.

Mindy goes missing, and David is the last person to see her. Detectives suspect that David might have something to do with it and question him. The police find bloody clothing and more evidence in the house, the couple lawyer up with their friend Leo. 

David lied to the police. He comes clean and tells Ivy that Mindy created a scene inside and screamed at him. She broke a glass swan, and when David goes to clean it up, Mindy goes missing. Ivy is upset with her husband for not telling her all this in the first place. Ivy doesn’t trust David anymore and looks into his relationship with her in high school. So does the detective. He finds a picture of David on Mindy’s fridge.

Ivy presses David for more information about Melinda. He tells her that he doesn’t want to talk, look for, or hear anything more about Melinda White. He throws her a surprise baby shower and appears to be the perfect husband until the police show up with a search warrant. They find Melinda’s purse on the premises. In the bag are Melinda’s ID and a butcher knife.

Jody gives her friend a ride home and tells Ivy that she saw Melinda at David’s employment place. She is still suspicious and becomes even more so when she bumps into David’s classmate at the grocery store. He tells Ivy that David was always nice to Melinda in high school, even when everyone else made fun of her.

Detectives bring Ivy in for questioning and tell her that David is also in the station being interrogated. They are using the divide and concur technique. Ivy learns that Melinda claims David is the father of her child and sees the evidence found from David’s work. The detectives also play a voicemail David left for Melinda. Oh, man David looks guilty, AF!

Theo takes the stressed Ivy home. He tells her that David was not having an affair, and Melinda was obsessed with him. The press gets a hold of the story and camp outside of her house like vultures. 

David is held in police custody. He maintains his innocence and claims that DNA will exonerate him. 

Ivy’s neighbor is attacked outside her house. She is knocked unconscious and put into the hospital. Ivy takes care of the neighbor’s dog, and her home is put under police surveillance. 

Ivy is determined to know the truth and sneaks out of her house with Jody. (Let me remind you, she is VERY pregnant.) They stop by Melinda’s apartment and then another property. Inside the house, they find they find a stalker wall with photos of David all over it. They find high school diaries that Melinda kept and realize she is obsessed with David and knows some dark secret Theo and David have been keeping. Ivy pieces together that Theo must be responsible and is framing David. She finds a body in the bathtub and goes into labor. (I don’t think she will be recapping this birth story.) 

Jody takes her friend to the hospital and promises to call the detective about the body. When Jody steps out of the room, a nurse in a face mask puts something into Ivy’s IV. As Ivy sleeps, Theo visits and stands over her hospital bed. Ivy confronts him, and now Theo knows that she is onto him.

Ivy leaves the hospital and heads home. Melinda surprises her there and attacks the pregnant woman. It turns out that Melinda faked her disappearance and death. Melinda plans on stealing the baby for replacing the baby. She was forced to abort by her mother as a teen. In high school, Tony raped Melinda, and to cope with the trauma, she fantasized about David being in love with her and sleeping with her. It is sad and a bit problematic that it is the reasoning for her kidnapping Ivy.

Ivy uses the dumbwaiter to escape; it had t come back, then the woman fight in an elaborate fight sequence. Ivy stabs Melinda over and over with syringes of sedatives. They are both rushed to the hospital, where Ivy goes into labor, and Melinda goes to jail. Melinda still thinks she is going to have the baby. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Theo, Fournier, Naresh, Dr. Shapiro, Nurse

Clea DuVall in a Lifetime movie?!? It seems like the right place for her; she was in every film in the early aughts but never really took off the way she should have.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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