The Bling Ring (2011 Lifetime)

Not Sofia Coppola’s version, this is the Lifetime version that no one remembers.

The Bling Ring (2011 Lifetime)

Cast: Austin ButlerYin ChangTom IrwinJennifer Grey

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Starring Jennifer Grey, Austin Butler, and Yin Chang. A group of high-school students begin breaking into major celebrities’ homes to rob them of millions of dollars in clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Based on a true story


Zack (who is hot AF) confesses/apology video before it was cool to do on Youtube. He bags people to understand him better. 

Flash to a Zack in high school, his mom Jennifer Grey drops him off. He goes to a school for delinquents or something and has a class in a trailer, while other students roll up in convertibles and design clothes. Natalie Kim seems to run the show, and she demands attention. She gives him a ride home and invites herself into his house. 

Natalie learns that Zack’s father is connected to the entertainment industry and uses the knowledge to her advantage. She gives him a makeover in a stealing things montage. Witnessing the theft gives him extreme anxiety, to the point of having to breathe into a paper bag. She breaks into a car outside of the club and steals some cash to bribe the bouncer. When that doesn’t work, she lies to him and pretends Zack is someone from a CW show. (Which Austin Butler was, haha.)

At the club, Zack lies getting invited to Paris Hilton’s Party. Natalie demands to go. He finds her house online, and they knock on the door. It is unlocked, and they walk right in and take pictures in her closet. They go back the next night and steal a ton of clothing/purses and almost get caught by Paris Hilton. 

Paris calls them losers, and Natalie and Zack are thrilled. Natalie is disappointed when the shoes are way too big. They sell the stolen merchandise to a shady party promoter. The merch gets them $10,000 and on the VIP list at clubs.

The two recruit one of Natalie’s friends, Cherry, and ransack Audrina Patridge’s (From MTV’s The Hils) house. She releases the survivance footage on youtube.

More girls hear about the stealing and want in on the action. Moon and April join in on the Bling Ring. They steal from Meghan Fox, Rachel Bilson, Ashley Tisdale. Think of any tween/teen icon of the early aughts. 

They continue to rob celebrity homes and get away with it because they don’t have any priors. The crew offloads the stolen merch on their Facebook pages. The problem is, they are becoming notorious due to their faces being on youtube and the press starting to pick up the story, giving them the nickname “The Bling Ring.”

Detective Fishman sees his daughter watching youtube and learns about the Bling Ring. She says you can find anything on social media, so he finds Zack on Facebook and messages him. He looks through his profile and learns what social media stalking is. He finds all the girls in the Bling Ring in the pictures.

The Bling Ring goes to Lindsey Lohan’s house and brings someone new along. Maddie is a girl that Zack has a crush on, and Natalie tries to assert control over her.

Detectives raid the Bling Ring’s home members and don’t find enough evidence to arrest them. Then they try to look on social media again, but Detective Fishman is blocked. 

Realizing that the cops are onto them, Zack set up one final robbery at Orlando Bloom’s house. He plans to lure the cops to a dummy house while they rob the real one, setting up Vin Savage for the crime. Zack then turns everyone in as long as Maddie isn’t charged with any wrong doing. I guess they are arrested. I wasn’t even sure who most of them were. Mess of a movie.

Side Note

Minority Report: Natalie, Bouncer, 

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How is Tom Irwin still playing a dad and looking the same?

Sad Jennifer Grey has gone from Dirty Dancing to this. She is a good actress and would work on Lifetime for their holiday programming.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2011 Lifetime

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