Petals in the Wind (2014 Lifetime)

Petals in the Wind (2014 Lifetime)

Cast: Heather GrahamRose McIverWyatt NashEllen Burstyn

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A decade after Cathy, Christopher, and Carrie escaped from their grandparents’ attic at Foxworth Hall, Petals on the Wind continues to follow the twisted plight of the family as they attempt to put their sordid past behind them, but soon discover certain secrets can’t be left behind. When Cathy finds herself in an abusive relationship with a fellow dancer, Julian, Christopher and Cathy are forced to face the forbidden feelings they developed for one another while coming of age during captivity. But when tragedy strikes the Dollangangers once again, Cathy returns to Foxworth Hall to confront her grandmother and seek revenge on her mother with a plan to seduce her husband, Bart. When Christopher runs to Cathy’s side, the two are determined to start over again – together.


The movie begins ten years after the attic Cathy, Christopher, and Carrie attend the funeral for a man named Paul, who adopted them after years of abuse and being locked in an attic. Henny, the housekeeper, promises to look after them as everything, including the house, was left to the children. 

Corrine is still alive and kicking. She lives her extravagant life as a socialite and is still married to Bart. She also continues to ignore her children. Grandmother got out of the attic and has suffered from a stroke. She tries to tell her nurse of Corrine poisoning her children. Then reminds Corrine that she is going to hell. 

Cathy is in dance school and meets the instructor’s son, who is back from New York, named Julian. Christopher is in medical school and also meets the boss’s daughter named Sarah. Cathy and Christopher still have an innapropate relationship that is still incest. They makeout after going out on a date and HAVE a long uncomfortable sex scene. Cathy decides to run off to New York to pursue a career in ballet with Julian. 

In New York, Julian is sought after by the female dancers in his company. (Got to say some of the male dancers in the troupe are jacked.) He will play Romeo in a production of Romeo and Juliet. Cathy is hopeful for the role but is sabotaged by Julian, who throws her down in a lift. Later, he is verbally abusive towards her and tells Cathy that she is nothing. The verbal abuse turns physical. First, he beats her, and then he puts some glass in Juliet’s shows to land Cathy the coveted role.  

At Christopher’s medical school graduation, Cathy shows up with a black eye. He is concerned for his sister, but she assures him that she just ran into a wall. 

Carrie an outcast at school and worried about the cotillion ball. She has nothing to wear and no one to escort her. She asks Christopher why he doesn’t love her like he loves Cathy. (Eeek, if she only knew.) The popular girls lock Carrie in the attic of the school, causing some serious PTSD. Carrie runs away to New York and moves in with Cathy and Julian. 

At Foxworth Hill, Corrine makes renovations to the house and demands that the attic be sealed off. 

Cathy makes her ballet debut, and Christopher is in the winds watching on proudly. Julian does not care and has his eyes on Carrie. Christopher and Julian fight when Christopher finds out. Julian drives off and accuses Cathy of sleeping with her brother. She tells him that she is pregnant with his child as a car crashes into them and kills Julian.

Ten months later, in South Carolina, Cathy runs a dance studio while raising her son alone. Carrie also moves to the town and sings in the church choir. She goes on a date with a young minister named Alex. He proposes to her almost immediately. Carrie has trouble accepting that she deserves happiness since she is the product of incest. 

She visits Corrine and asks her to come to her wedding. On her wedding day, Carrie is positioned by Corrine? This happens so abruptly it is comical. 

Cathy plans on seeking revenge. Cathy meets with Bart to rework the family trust and, maybe, seduce him? Oh, yes, she does. Eventually, ending up pregnant with his child. 

Sarah and Christopher plan on getting married. Cathy is asked to be the maid of honor, which is awkward. Even more awkward is that the night before the wedding, the siblings hook up again. (VC Andrews is a sick person; someone pray for them.) Sarah catches them and is rightfully horrified. 

Since Christopher never cared about Sarah, he lets her go and asks Cath to move with him to California. She tells him that she is pregnant with Bart’s child, and they decide to go back to Foxworth hill to confront Corrine and Grandmother.

Grandmother and Cathy scream at each other. Cathy almost kills her, and Grandmother calls her a devils spawn. 

Corrine’s grand reveal of the renovations. Before she gets ready, she gives Bart a HJ while telling him that she knows about his cheating and demands he never do it again. 

Cathy makes a toast to Corrine at the party and tells the story of the secrets in the attic, and reveals her pregnancy. Grandmother confirms the story, and Corrine is finally seen for the terrible person she is. Corrine manages to spin it around on Bart, blaming him for everything. What. The. Hell. 

Grandmother shows Corrine Cory’s body in a trunk. They never buried him. Corrine has cracked and thinks Christopher is her brother/lover. She plans to run away with him. When she realizes that he is her son, she sets the house on fire, burning Grandmother alive. Christopher and Cathy watch as the house burns down.

Six years later, Cathy and Christopher live in California and are a weird married couple raising multiple children. Corrine is in a mental institution screaming about her babies. And that is the movie! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Henny, Dancers, Martha, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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