The Perfect Teacher (2010 Lifetime)

The Perfect Teacher (2010 Lifetime)

Cast: Megan ParkDavid CharvetBoti BlissSophie Gendron

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)


Jim is a sexy single father who is starting a new job as a teacher. He leaves his daughter, Annique, with a sitter. (Carrie played by Sophie Gendron, a Lifetime MVP!) He is dating a fellow teacher named Rachel. His ex-wife wants to move across the country.

Devon gets ready for a school dance and screams at her friend Kinsey for wearing the same color as her. At the party, the girls drink in the bathroom and make snarky comments to volleyball girls Monica and Apple. 

When Devon learns that Jim also coaches the volleyball team, she decides to become the coach’s assistant. Then she fantasizes about seducing him. Devon goes through his personal belongings with full access to Jim’s desk and takes pictures of his schedule and contacts. Later, she breaks into his house and smells his clothes. 

The fantasies continue, and who hasn’t fantasized about David Charvet in his Baywatch days. Devon sets up a private tutoring session with Jim and compliments him. When she learns that Jim and Rachel break up, she inserts herself into his life even more. She picks up his daughter from school and steals a stuffed animal to have another reason to see the family later.

On a volleyball away game, Devon fantasizes that Jim proposes to her at a fancy restaurant. Then she puts on sexy lingerie under her clothes and cries over boy trouble to Jim while he is shirtless. He senses something is off and takes her to the hotel cafe to talk sense into her. It just serves to confirm that he loves her in Devon’s mind.

Devon starts killing off people in Jim’s life. When she learns Jim might be moving to be with his daughter, she runs the ex-wife off the road. Devon attends the funeral and starts spending more time with Jim. She calls him Jim and tells him to stop playing the teacher role with her. Jim tells her that it is a misunderstanding, and he doesn’t want to be with her. Jim kicks Devon out of the house, and she responds with, “I can be your dream, or I can be your nightmare.”

When Jim ignores Devon, she randomly throws a stapler and smashes a mirror. She really goes off the deep end, stalking Jim and staking out his house with a bottle of whiskey. The police arrest Devon, and she claims Jim sexually abused her in exchange for a passing grade. Jim is arrested and thrown in jail. He is released on bail. 

The news travels fast, and the girls on the volleyball team band together to take Devon down. Kinsey verifies that Devon has been obsessed with Jim from the first day she met him. 

Devon has other plans and kidnaps Annique to lure Jim to her. She professes her love to him and admits to killing Jim’s ex-wife. Jim pretends to be impressed with the lengths Devon went for him and says he loves her. He finds out where his daughter is and reveals he has been recording the whole conversation. The police arrive and haul a screaming Devon away. 

Jim gets his daughter back and raises her with Rachel to live happily ever after. Meanwhile, Devon is in a mental hospital fixating on her older sexy doctor. She fantasizes about sleeping with him. The end.

Side Note

Minority Report: Rosa (A maid, ugh! Stop this trope.), Police officers, 

Megan Park playing a bitchy character, is always fun. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2010 Lifetime

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