The Preacher’s Daughter (2012 Lifetime)

The Preacher’s Daughter (2012 Lifetime)

Cast: Andrea BowenLew TempleAdam Mayfield 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

The estranged daughter of a small-town minister returns to the strict, religious home of her youth, where she must confront the troubled relationships that caused her to leave four years before.


Hannah lives a hard life in the inner city. She struggles to buy groceries and steals TP from public washrooms. Her deadbeat boyfriend, Zane, gets pulled over by the cops, and the police arrest them both. Hannah calls her estranged religious father to bail her out. She receives a deal for testifying against Zane.

Mr. White, a preacher, takes his daughter back to her hometown and gets her to church right away. Hannah joins the choir with a hunky MARRIED choir director named Neal gives her private lessons. The relationship seems innapropate. Neal is taking advantage of her; he even kisses her in the pews. It turns into a full-blown affair. Hannah bonds with a girl named Rachel, who is no into the church and VEGAN! (Is this a Christian movie?) She tells her friend about what happened. Rachel asks if they used a condom, and Hannah doesn’t even know that she was homeschooled and didn’t take sex ed or learn from her parents.

Oh, wait; apparently, that was all a flashback? Hannah is in her drugie purple wig now. Her parents are concerned that she has lost her way with GOD. She mopes around town for most of the movie but eventually takes it off and is ready to face her demons. She works at a restaurant as a waitress and smokes on her breaks. 

Back in flashbacks, Neil ends things with Hannah when a photo surfaces, and he fears getting caught. Hannah tells him that she loves him. He says it was a mistake. Their separation doesn’t last long because Hannah is pregnant. He gives her money for an abortion. Rachel drives her friend through protesters who scream, “Stop killing babies.” She doesn’t go through with the abortion and prays for a miscarriage instead. 

In the present day, Neil confronts Hannah and demands the opportunity to apologize. She screams at him to shut the fuck up. (Go, Hannah!) Then she goes to a motel and tries to kill herself. (No, Hannah!) Neil admits to Mr. While that he was having an affair with his daughter. Hannah’s brother beats the crap out of him. 

Mr. White talks with Hannah about her childhood and apologizes for not being there for his daughter. Rachel stops by to visit Hannah. She encourages her to go to college. THE END! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Cashier  

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2012 Lifetime

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