The Pregnancy Pact (2010 Lifetime)

The Pregnancy Pact (2010 Lifetime)

Cast: Thora BirchMadisen BeatyDavid Clayton RogersCamryn Manheim

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Inspired by the true story of teenagers at Gloucester (Mass.) High School who agreed to get pregnant at the same time.


The movie starts with new outlets picking up the story of teen girls having a pregnancy pact.

Cut to three months earlier, Camryn Manheim plays a school nurse concerned about a group of girls who seem disappointed they aren’t pregnant. She lets the administration know about something unusual going on. The nurse pushes for contraceptives to be available in the nurse’s office. She resigns because no one will listen to her.

Sara and Jessie are an average cute teen couple who helps her mother at a family diner. They also have sex, even though he is a few years older than her. She plans their wedding while all he wants is to have sex all the time. Sara’s friends are all getting pregnant and seem very excited. 

Sidney Bloom runs a vlog about hot topics about and for teens. She notices that the pregnancy rate explodes at her old school from her hometown and decides to investigate. She drives around the conservative town and takes footage. Her ex-boyfriend, Brady, works at the school. They got pregnant in high school too. Sidney had an abortion without telling Brady, and it ruined their relationship. She interviews Sara’s friends and all but admits they wanted to get pregnant. Then she talks to Sara and realizes that she is pregnant too.

Sara gets pregnant because of her friend’s peer pressuring her. Her friends all have different experiences. Karissa’s mom is hugely disappointed, while Iris and Rose’s parents don’t care. Sara’s mother is outspoken about pushing out absence training. Little does she know, Sara is one of the 18 high school girls pregnant this year. 

Sara admits to her mother that she is pregnant. Her parents march her over to Jesse’s house and force her to tell him and his parents. Jesse is angry that he has ruined their lives. Sara tells him that she thinks it is a good thing. He stops talking to her. When he does, he asks her to have an abortion to move on with his life.

Sidney continues to hang out with the girls and thinks they are too young to have kids. She attends a public meeting hosted by Sara’s mom and unintentionally outs Sara as pregnant. Then Time Magazine releases the story calling it a pregnancy pact. The story explodes and is covered all over the country. The teens turn on one another. 

Sara’s father fights with the media outside their house, and the police arrest him. The bad PR causes Sara’s mother to lose her position on the city council. The school holds a press conference and undercuts the mayor’s objection to the existence of a pact. 

Rose is the first to have her baby, and the other girls are horrified about the tearing. The baby is on an incubator because Rose smoked through her whole pregnancy. Rose can barely hold her baby. She regrets her decision so much.

Sidney confesses on her blog that she didn’t have an abortion and gave the baby up for adoption. Pregnancy is not something to play with or to take lightly. Brady watches and cries.

The girls take their minds off being pregnant by partying. Like, I know they don’t know about condoms, but has no one told them about fetal alcohol syndrome? Jesse and Sara fight at the party about the pact. He screams at her and calls her a liar, and cries. The girls get too drunk, and Sara passes out. She is rushed to the hospital with a blood-alcohol level of 2.0. Sara’s parents feel like that have let their daughter down, BECAUSE THEY HAVE! 

Sara’s mother agrees to allow contraception in schools and stays on the city council. Sidney even endorses her. Jesse dates another girl, leaving Sara to raise her daughter with her family. Sidney calls for resources for teen moms to be more widely available.

Side Note

Minority Report: Secretary, Doctor,  

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2010 Lifetime

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