Nanny Cam (2014 Lifetime)

Nanny Cam (2014 Lifetime)

Cast: India EisleyLaura AllenCam Gigandet

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Linda and Mark have a perfect relationship and the perfect eight-year-old daughter. But when their elderly babysitter hurts their daughter, they hire a new babysitter that attempts to destroy Mark and Linda’s perfect relationship.


Linda and her hunky hunk husband listen to their daughter (precocious child alert.) play the violin as an anniversary present. They leave their daughter with a sitter named Barbara and head out for a fancy dinner. They end up fighting the whole time because Linda’s phone keeps ringing and interrupting the romance. It is the police. Barbara is disoriented and almost injured their daughter Chloe while cooking macaroni and cheese. Barabra is found to have dementia and fired in a strangely sad scene.  

Linda talks to her shirtless hunk husband about finding a new nanny. Mark is hesitant to rehire so quickly, but Linda insists on a younger nanny. Linda’s friend suggests installing a nanny cam to keep an eye on things no matter what age nanny the family decides to hire. 

Chloe, the precocious child, sings a song about being bored and then grabs a nail gun and almost shoots herself in the face. Heather, a beautiful nanny for hire, shows up with her side only and not only saves Chloe, but she also makes her feel special about the burns on her arm. Heather also has a burn on her leg, “from a boy.” Matt thinks Heather is a perfect fit and introduces her to Linda. (Who doesn’t trust a stranger from the street.) Mark and Linda install the nanny cams.  

After an interview, Linda hires Heather, who sits in a red bedroom waiting for the call. The next day Heather picks up Chloe from school and bullies the bully who calls Chloe “Monster Skin.” Then Heather bullies Barbara and tells her just to hurry up and die. She doesn’t have to wait long; Heather kills her in the middle of the night and stages it as a suicide. 

Matt starts to become uncomfortable with Heather being around all the time. (Especially when she plays in the sprinkler in booty shorts and a white t-shirt.) 

We see Heather cleaning the house on nanny cam and doing laundry while Chloe reads “Little Women.” Linda reviews the footage and shames Heather for doing about and beyond her job responsibilities. Heather explains that she was trying to help out since the household duties seem to be overwhelming for Linda. (Shady!)

Heather becomes suspicious and searches the house for the nanny cam. She finds it and uses it to her advantage. Linda (and Matt) watch the feed intently for different reasons. Heather confronts Mark about the Nanny cam and makes the moves on him. He kicks her out of the house and reviews the nanny cam footage to find her stripping for him.

Linda is full-on obsessed and installs MORE nanny cam’s around the house. Then she goes to work and watches the cameras. On her way to her daughter’s talent show competition, Linda is surprised the police pull her over. They received a call that she abducted a child and is held in custody. She misses the performance. 

Things get real when Linda and Mark argue about the nanny cam and Linda’s mothering. Mark brings up Linda’s abortion and the fact that they never wanted a child. Linda wants to fire Heather for lying about her background, and Mark doesn’t want to put their daughter through another loss of a nanny. Linda commits to prove to Mark that Heather is lying and asks her BFF/Assitant to help. The assistant says no. Linda locates Heather’s “parents,” but something seems off with them, and she is creeped out. (I’m pretty sure her stepfather sexually abused Heather.) 

Meanwhile, Heather cooks Mark’s dinner and drugs him. When Mark wakes up the next morning, he tells Linda he wants to fire Heather. Heather walks in for her shift and is fired on the spot. Heather takes it too well, and thanks to Linda for not telling her parents where she is. Heather isn’t the only one who is fired. In the middle of a presentation at work, Linda’s video switches to a sex tape of Heather writhing on top of Mark’s passed out naked body. 

Linda and Mark call the police. When the police leave, Linda reviews the webcam footage and sees Heather kidnap her daughter and hold her hostage. Heather holds Chloe hostage with a nail gun. A NAIL GUN. Heather thinks she was Linda’s baby. Linda tells her that she is not her daughter and the struggle over the nail gun. It goes off, and Linda is punctured, but probably fine. 

Mark shows up and tells Heather that he is ready to start a life with her. She laughs and nail guns him in his sexy chest. Just as she is about to nail gun Chloe, Linda comes to and fights with Heather. Eventually, throwing her out of a third-story window. Like, Michael Meyers, Heather rises again and disappears. 

The family moves into a new beach house and has a teddy bear nanny cam and a few more holes in their bodies. 

Heather wears a blonde wig on a bus while holding her new baby… Mark! Dun Dun Dun.

Side Note

Minority Report: Police Officer, Woman on the bus,

The amount of shirtless Cam Gigandet was 100% 

Also known as Sitter Cam

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪 (5 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2014 Lifetime

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