Unwanted Guest (2016 Lifetime)

 Unwanted Guest (2016 Lifetime)

Stars:  Beth LittlefordKate MansiValentina NovakovicTed King

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Amy has nowhere to go for winter break, her friend Christine insists she comes stay with her family. What begins as a dream situation turns into a nightmare when Amy starts to obsess and wreak havoc on her welcoming hosts


Police, fire, and ambulance are on the scene on an accident on campus. A body is wheeled away on a stretcher. A detective questions onlookers, Amy(the beautiful nerd in glasses), and Christine (Blonde co-ed) about the death of a student named Alan. It is just before winter break, and Amy invites herself to stay with Christine for the holidays. (After seeing how hot her dad is, and he is hot.) 

Charles and his wife, Anna, are thrilled when their daughter returns. (Well, Charles is a stepdad.)They don’t even bat an eye when Amy shows up unannounced. Christine shows Amy her hamster, and Amy is unimpressed and calls him a rat. Amy casually compliments Charles, and he doesn’t shut it down. He almost flirts back, calling her wise for her age. Over dinner, Amy shares why she isn’t with her family. (They are out of the country for a holiday and super unsatisfied with her achievements.) 

At night, the girls drink (roofied) wine, and Christine rudely tells Amy that she would be so pretty without her glasses. Then they do a mini makeover, and Amy lacks self-confidence. Alan used to be Amy’s boyfriend, but he left her for a more beautiful college student. Christine passes out, and Amy wakes up early to make breakfast for the family. Amy is overly attentive to Charles. When Christine wakes up, she is sad to see that her hamster got out of his cage. 

Detectives continue to look into Alan’s death, and things get more complicated when his girlfriend his hit in the head with a wine bottle and killed.   

Amy is still scheming and drinking wine while meddling in Christine’s family’s lives. Amy stops wearing contacts, takes her hair down, and buys sexy lingerie. She drinks a nightcap in her sexy get up and is joined by a Charles in his boxers. She attempts to seduce him, but he turns her down and is very uncomfortable. 

Anna starts to feel threatened by Amy in her house and makes her husband breakfast and is more attentive to him and Christine. (Who is sick, thanks to Amy poisoning her.) Detectives call Christine and ask about Amy. Amy answers the phone and pretends to be Christine to get the detective off her trail. Then she finds the hamster and kills it with a pepper mill. 

Amy helps Anna in the kitchen and learns that Anna doesn’t drink. (This explains everyone judging Amy for drinking wine.) Amy claims she is afraid of highs and can’t reach the top shelf. When Anna steps on a small stool to reach a serving bowl, Amy kicks it over and send Anna falling. Anna is laid up and on pain medication, leaving Charles at Amy’s disposal.

A dinner party is scheduled for Charles work clients, and with anna out of commission, Amy offers to take her place. Charles asks Amy about getting something from a high shelf, and she contradicts her earlier story. He knows something is up. FINALLY. Since he is a dumb husband in a Lifetime movie, Amy still manages to seduce him. (eye roll.) 

Anna tells Charles that she is scared, and Amy is trying to get her and Christine out of the way. Charles defends Amy, even though Anna is right. Amy is drugging them and plotting to steal her man. She begs him to take Amy back to her dorm and out of their house. He promises to do so but needs Amy for his dinner party first.

The dinner party goes very well, and Amy is expecting Charles to sing her praises. He instead tells her that he loves his wife and is taking her back to the dorms. He will be hiring a live-in nurse. Amy is pissed and tells him that she is the best thing that ever happened to him.

The hot detective dies in a car crash. (Amy tampered with her car.) Anna and Christina are basically in medically-induced comas. Detectives question Charles about Amy, they are terrible at their jobs. 

Before she leaves, Amy plans to inject Anna and Christine. Christine turns out to be a fighter, and they struggle down to the kitchen. Amy grabs a firing pan and wacks Christine with it. Then she puts her head in a gas stove. 

Amy is about to finish off both women when Anna comes downstairs and sticks Amy with her syringe. Amy holds a knife and looks shell shocked. The detectives burst in with Charles and hold Amy at gunpoint. Amy passes out and dies on the kitchen floor. Detectives say that Amy wasn’t even her real name. Blah, Blah, Blah, if you had this info Detectives… Then why didn’t you get her before she terrorized this family?!?!?!

The end. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Detectives

Kate Mansi has a real moment at Lifetime, but she hasn’t been seen in anything recently. What happened to her?

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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