The Perfect Daughter (2016 Lifetime)

The Perfect Daughter (2016 Lifetime)

Cast:  Brady SmithSadie CalvanoReiley McClendon

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Finding his daughter confused and drunk one night, Martin overreacts and puts a wedge between their once idyllic relationship at a time when she’ll need him the most.


Hot widowed, woodcarving dad, Martin raises his daughter Natalie on his own. He owns his own carpentry company and drives a truck, further confirming his hotness. Even worse, he has a hot brother named Nick. Their business is struggling, and Martin needs to make more money for his daughter’s college fund. 

Martin supports his daughter and gives her a pep talk before going to school. Natalie wants to be on the SGA and makes it on as the treasure, the lamest one. The SGA president, Sam, invites Natalie to a party and his hockey game. Natalie drinks too much at the party and is found by her father, who takes her to the ER. (She is that incapacitated.) The doctors are concerned that Natalie was raped at the party. Martin suspects Sam.

Natalie doesn’t want to press charges and tries to move on with her life. Martin notices a change in his daughter and is concerned. He attempts to connect with her by fishing, but she shuts him down when she overhears a voicemail from the detective saying he interviewed Sam and has no evidence. Natalie blames her father for taking her to the hospital and making a bigger deal then he needed to. Natalie turned her losing her virginity into a circus. 

Natalie finds out that she is pregnant and tries to tell Sam. He is more concerned about being questioned about the rape. Natalie tells Sam that they are dating now and kisses him in front of people, so the rumors stop. The hook up was consensual, I think. This movie is kind of confusing. 

After another argument with her father that turns ugly, Natalie stays with Sam. She tells him that she is pregnant. He wants to know what “we” are going to do about it. They are in this together. Well, that is until Sam’s father intervenes, giving them money for an abortion.

At the clinic, Natalie realizes she doesn’t want to go through with it and bolts. Sam and Natalie’s father chase after her. Sam tells Martin that he will be there for his daughter. They find Natalie at the motel where her mother left her. 

The father and daughter have a heart to heart and clear things up. Martin tells Natalie about what really happened with her mother and apologizes for lying. Sam and Natalie decide to raise the baby together. 

Not your typical Lifetime movie. This one seems to be more grounded, which isn’t a bad thing. Whenever Lifetime goes for heartfelt, I have a hard time trusting the movie because I’m waiting for someone to kidnap a baby or get killed in their car. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Doctor, Popular Girl, Nurse

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2016 Lifetime

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