A Journey Back to Christmas (2016 Hallmark Channel)


A Journey Back to Christmas
Starring: Candice Cameron Bure (From Full House)

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A nurse from World War II is transported through time to 2016. (While maintaining perfect 1940’s Veronica Lake hairdo!)

Hallmark really took every effort to make a historically accurate period piece. Including historical details like, Rotary phones/party lines, tinsel on the Christmas trees, and even having Candice “duck and cover” during a storm. I believed we were transported through time, almost as believable as my other favorite 1940’s historical movie, Pearl Harbor.

Candice plays, Hannah… but really DJ, a woman transported through time by a Christmas Comet. (Yay! Alliteration!) She spends most of the movie freaking out about cars and buildings not being the same. “THIS ISN’T RIGHT!” cries DJ over and over. She is so confused by everything, I begin to wonder if SHE fell off a horse and lost her memory. Hopefully her family will show her old photos, so she can get her memory back.

Despite her craziness, a local cop and his family take Hannah in and give her a makeover “uggsonEbay?”, which should saved the movie, but even an oversized sweater, leggings, and boots can’t help me stop seeing Hannah as DJ. In fact it was even more confusing. Where is Uncle Jesse!?!?!? There is a dog name Ruffin and something about decorating a gazebo (which momentarily peaked my interest, as I love gazebos).

Overall rating
🎄 (1 Christmas Tree)
🍷🍷🍷🍷(4 glasses of wine)

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