A Dream of Christmas (2016 Hallmark Channel)



A Dream of Christmas 
Starring Cindy Williams (From Lavern & Shirley) but really, Nikki DeLoach & Andrew W. Walker (IDK)

Be careful what you wish for! Penny doesn’t really want much: just a promotion and for her husband, Stuart, to be home for once, especially it being so close to the holidays. But when everything seems to go wrong, Penny makes a wish that she might regret. She wishes she never had gotten married. When another seemingly random woman makes her wish come true, Penny must figure out how to turn her life back to the way it was.

What was so wrong with Penny’s life that she wishes it all away! So, she lives with her sister and kids, her husband (who is super cute) sleeps in jeans, and she was late for a meeting. Is that enough to wish away your whole life!?!

Penny (like the coin) is living in her new life, where she has an expendable income (since she isn’t supporting her dead beat, National Geographic photographer, husband.) Penny has a fancy coffee machine, a jaguar, and a FAKE Christmas tree. New Penny is soooo terrible. Her co-workers call her “Barracuda”, because… I don’t know they like Heart?

Penny lands a new client, he is pretty hunky too. Then she needs a photographer for a job and tracks down Stuart! He has a little photo studio, instead of shooting real reindeer in Antarctica, he is shooting fake Christmas decorations. (The irony!!!) They can’t help falling in love again in this new world and they have good chemistry, but then he is engaged and Penny has to give him up. Maybe if they had met in another place and time. (But they did!)

I’m a sucker for an angel and alternative life movies. Even if Cindy Williams doesn’t have much to do with her role. She is no Clarence.

Side Note
When, Paula (Penny’s personal assistant, shows up in the ugly sweater In just thought she was wearing another awful work outfit. Seriously, what was up with her clothes.

Loved all the Canadian accents in this one.

Overall rating
🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)
🍷🍷(2 glasses of wine required)

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*images via: Hallmark Gold Crown Media

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