My Christmas Dream (2016 Hallmark Channel)



My Christmas Dream
Starring Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper) & Deidre Hall (Marlena, from Day of Our Lives)

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A department store, McDougal, is expanding and opening a store in Paris. The manager, Christine Masters (McKellar), wants the job and tries to create the best holiday display. She turns to Kurt (David Haydn-Jones) for help and as they work together, she starts falling in love with him. Now she has to choose between the dream job in Paris or staying put with Kurt.

Exploring its favorite subject, yet again, Hallmark raises the question work or family? You can’t have both obviously.

I’m glad to see Danica McKeller is back to doing what REALLY matters, Hallmark Movies, and not using that boring math Ph.D. She plays Christine, a store manager who dreams of living in Paris. An opportunity arises when, Victoria (Deidre Hall, who may or may not be possessed by the Devil) the CEO offers the position to whoever can create the best Christmas window display for the 25th Annual Christmas Window Display!

At one point Victoria and Christine sit down to talk about what the promotion will mean. Victoria expresses that she gave up a lot to be the CEO and has regrets. She is concerned about Christine’s work life balance. Does she not have a man who will hold her back if she up and moves to Paris?

Christine’s response
“I’ve always been told success doesn’t come without sacrifice!” (Slurps Coco)

Having JUST fired painter, Kurt, for spilling paint on her dress. Christine scrambles to get him back. When describing his paintings to the token minority assistant, Christine gushes ” You can feel the emotion jumping off the canvas.”

Kurt is a divorced single father, which is almost the jackpot in terms or desirable men in these movies. (Nothing will trump a widowed single father!) They work together to create a window display that will impress Victoria. In the end, the BIG window display is nothing more than some live mannequins and a ballerina dancing on a box. No paintings, but Christine gets the job anyway and it is announced that she is moving to Paris. Kurt is hurt (hehe that rhymes) and they fight, but makeup. Christine gives up her Paris dreams to be home with Kurt, his kid, and his Mom. Awwww?

Side Note
The kid who plays Cooper (Kurt’s son) is living my acting dream. He has appeared in not one, but two Hallmark Christmas Movies in 2016 alone.

The token minority assistant/BFF is something most of these movies do to add “diversity.” It’s a totally a #oscarsowhite situation. Where are my leading ladies!!! Seriously, can we get Christina Milan back in some of these? Lark Voorhies, she can’t be too busy. Gabriel Union wouldn’t stoop so low but I’d be soooo down for that.

Overall rating
🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)
🍷🍷(2 glasses of wine required)

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