A Perfect Christmas (2016 Hallmark Channel)


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A Perfect Christmas 
Starring: Canadian knock offs of Freddie Prince Jr. (Dillon Casey … Steve) & Rachel McAddams (Susie Abromeit … Cynthia)

Steve and Cynthia are a newlywed couple celebrating their first Christmas together. They invite their families to join them for the holidays, but when Steve is laid off just before Christmas and Cynthia discovers she’s pregnant, they both keep their news secret in hopes that the celebration runs smoothly.

Cynthia has a dead Mom/Steve has a dead Dad. (Will their still alive parents get together? NO!)
Cynthia is pregnant/Steve is fired from his job. (Any repercussions for keeping secrets? NO!)

They are both too busy to tell each other their big news. Family comes to town and Cynthia has to put on a Christmas concert. But her silly pregnant brain keeps messing things up. She forgets her mother in-law’s luggage, accidentally cancels a hotel reservation for the family, burns the lasagna, and even hits her mother in law in the face with a snowball.

Somehow it all works out and turns out to be…. wait for it….. A PERFECT CHRISTMAS!

Side Note
Nothing happens, this one was soooo boring.

Also, I am aware that Rachel McAdams is already Canadian. Hello, Slings and Arrows!

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Overall rating
🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)
🍷🍷🍷🍷(4 glasses of wine required)


*images via: Hallmark Gold Crown Media

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