My Christmas Love (2016 Hallmark Channel)


Happy Christmas in July! I’m revisiting a series of reviews that were originally posted on social media and are now archived here on the blog.

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Happy Holidays! I will be watching and “reviewing” 25 TV Christmas Movies, for the 25 days till Christmas! (Mostly Hallmark and a few other channels, but all will be 2016 releases.)

I’m watching them, so you don’t have to! If you have seen them, please share your thoughts and comments. I love/hate these movie, please join me this holiday season!

My Christmas Love
Starring: Meredith Hagner, Bobby Campo & Gregory Harrison

When a young woman’s return to her small hometown for the holidays prompts twelve days of elaborate gifting from an anonymous sender, she is convinced that one of her former boyfriends is behind the grand gesture and becomes determined to find out the identity of her “own true love.”

Cynthia is an editor who loves love! She is meeting her City Boyfriend (Jason) for a date and to talk about their Christmas travel plans. (It’s her first without her mother, because she died.) City Boyfriend has other plans and breaks up with her. This unplanned twist leaves Cynthia dateless to her sister’s (Janet) wedding!

Cynthia recruits her (not gay) illustrator friend, Liam, to be her date and… you know, do work stuff too. All is going normal TV movie until, a goddamn Partridge in a pear tree shows up on her doorstep!!! But who is it from? It’s a Christery! (a Christmas mystery, the Movies word not mine)

Who could be sending all these gifts!
“It’s the most romantic mystery since the Bermuda Triangle!!!” Shouts Cynthia.

Is it high school ex-boyfriend, Grant?
Nope, he is a priest!

Is it city boyfriend, Jake?
Naw, he is banging a red head in the city.

Is it other high school ex- boyfriend and now cop, Scott?
No, he is too dumb. (He wanted to play putt putt in winter!!!)

*A bigger reason why she shouldn’t date him is because he keeps calling her Cindy, and her name, CYNTHIA!

It couldn’t possibly be the pillow fighting, hot cocoa making, ready to listen, gets along with the family, and definitely NOT gay best friend, Liam.
NOOOOOO! It’s not. What!

—-Spoiler Below—–

Twelve days of Christmas romantic gestures were for Cynthia’s Dad, who couldn’t have cared less about them. They were from her dead mother!!! This was a twist I wasn’t expecting, even my Mom was surprised. (And she can figure these out after the title sequence)

Side Note
If the pink sparkly letters in the opening credits weren’t a tip off, this is a movie for girls!

Scott quote (before dance scene) “I was thinking I could be Fred Astaire and you could be Gene Kelly”

All the men in this movie are most likely gay in real life. They are all way too handsome.

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Overall rating
🎄🎄🎄(3 Christmas Trees)
🍷🍷🍷(3 glasses of wine required)

*images via: Hallmark Gold Crown Media


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