Framed by my Fiance (2017 Lifetime)

Framed by my Fiance (2017 Lifetime)

Stars:   Katrina BowdenJason-Shane ScottValynn Turkovich

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Daniel, a brilliant lawyer who is about to become one of the state’s youngest judges, is driving with his fiance Jenny when they hit another car. She wakes up to learn the other driver is dead, and she’s being charged with manslaughter. Before help arrived on the scene, Daniel shifted Jenny to the driver’s seat to hide his culpability. Desperate to get her life back, Jenny sets out to convince the vengeful dead driver’s wife that she’s innocent–only to realize that Daniel is determined to keep the truth secret.


Jenny and Rosa are nursing students or fertility clinic nurses (the building they were leaving was so genric.) and best friends. (of course.) Jenny gets a call from her boyfriend, Daniel, who insists they go on a romantic date.

On the date, Daniel shares the good news with Jenny. He is on track to become the youngest judge in the state and has his eye set on politics. Jenny is thrilled and makes a toast. Daniel starts acting strangely because he is also proposing to her with a ring in the champagne glass.

Another couple, May and Michael, are pregnant and excited. May acts bitchily and sends Michael out for ice cream because she is craving it. On his way, Michael is run off the road in a horrific (we see it) car accident. The other car involved is Daniel and Jenny. She dropped her engagement right, and they were looking for it on the floor when the accident happened.

Daniel sees his future flash before his eyes and also Michael dead in the other car. He acts quickly and drags Jenny into the driver seat before the paramedics can arrive!!!! (What. The. Hell.) When Jenny wakes up in the hospital, Daniel tells her that he framed her for the accident and tells her to lie for him and leaves the engagement ring as collateral. 

Jenny refuses to go along with it and plans on staying with Rosa when she is released from the hospital. That opportunity doesn’t come because Jenny is taken into police custody for involuntary manslaughter. 

May, Michael’s wife, learns of his death and is so devastated that she has a miscarriage. (Which is heartbreaking considering her was trying hard to conceive.) She is out for revenge and is well connected. May gets Jenny fired from her job, kicks her out of Rosa’s apartment, and calls the DA to push for the maximum sentence.  

Jenny confronts May and asks her to stop harassing her. She explains that Daniel is responsible and tells May about a tell Daniel has when he is lying. (Tapping of his finger.) Jenny suggests May ask Daniel point-blank and see for herself. She does, and Jenny and May team up to take Daniel down.

The two ladies go all Legally Blonde on the situation and take matters into their own hands. They pull court records and look into Daniel’s professional past. They talk to a client of Daniels and learn that he tampered with witnesses to win the case. 

May brings her evidence to Daniel, and he hits her with a candlestick. Jenny witnesses the attack and locks herself in an upstairs bedroom. Jenny runs out on the balcony and jumps down to run into the woods. (Like a proper Lifetime protagonist.) 

Rosa calls Jenny and tells her that May is dead, and Jenny is the number one suspect. Jenny ditches her cellphone in a taxi to get the police off her trail. (Which is pretty smart.) Jenny finds the documents to prove May’s allegations. 

Daniel finds Jenny in the file room and pulls a gun on her. Somehow Jenny gets away, and they fight it out on a city bus? (What is happening?!?!) Then they end up on a dock, and Daniel is there with his gun again. Detectives show up and tell Daniel to drop his weapon. Daniel is arrested for the murder of May and attempted murder of Rosa. (I totally missed that, sorry guys. This movie could not hold my interest.) 

Jenny’s name is cleared, and she returns to work with her friend Rosa. She gives Rosa a coupon for a lifetime supply of chicken wings. Soooooo that is cool!

Side Note

Minority Report: Judge, Mrs. Jackson, Taxi Driver,

The movie started strong but kind of meandered in the middle. The ending was action-packed but also confusing.  

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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