Harvest Love (2017 Hallmark Channel)


Harvest Love  

Starring: Ryan Paevey  & Jen Lilley

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Widowed surgeon, Luna Gilson, visits her family’s pear orchard in hopes of taking a break from her overbooked life and reconnecting with her distant son. She starts to fall for the farm manager, Will Nash, who is growing a new hybrid pear and teaches her the importance of her heritage


Luna is a busy doctor who has thrown herself into work and neglected to spend quality time with her sassy son since her husband died. (I don’t how or when he dies, if it wasn’t in the synopsis I would have missed she was a widow all together.) To reconnect, Luna brings her son, Andy, to the Gilson family farm. It is neglected and rundown, but turns out to be taken care of by a handsome (aspiring farm owner), Will Nash.

Will works on the farm and can’t live up to his full farm potential because because of “the recession.” Luna isn’t too concerned about Will being on the farm because she will only be in town for a week, and will just miss the town harvest festival! Luna calls her Mom and finds out that her family is selling the farm, so she better enjoy the week because it won’t be around for long.

Next, we are constantly reminded that Luna is a doctor. She helps a kid with a scraped knee by giving him a lollipop, she is constantly calling work to “check in,” and is even rushed to a tractor accident. This time she uses a piece of wood to splint the leg, you know, like doctors do! She literally diagnoses a patient’s arthritis by noticing a limp and touching his knee.  It is revealed that there isn’t a doctor in town because he is retired. Could Luna step in a be the town doctor?

You’ll have to wait and watch this pear cobbler baking/pear picking montage!!! (Apparently the Gilson farm is a pear farm… because those are all the rage.)

Luna and will spend more time together frolicking around the pear farm and setting up for the harvest fest. Will tells Luna that a relationship doesn’t fit into his plans to own a farm and Luna confuses frog croaks for cricket chirps. Could they be the perfect pear? She has a farm to sell; he wants a farm of his own. How could this end?

I won’t even get into the fall harvest fest and how Luna ends up staying for it. Or what happens with her J.O.B. because if you have ever seen a Hallmark movie (or my previous review for The Christmas Cure… Seriously, it is the same movie.), you know.

Side Note

Hallmark is applying the Christmas-movie formula to ALL the seasons! They announced a 2017 Fall Harvest Original Series that include 6 NEW made for TV movies. There is only so much nostalgia you can milk from “Fall,” Pumpkins, leaves changing colors, and Halloween. Even those things I don’t really care that much about.

I am kind-of interested in the Lacy Chabert movie, All of my Heart: Inn Love. (She really is my Hallmark Kween.)

The music theme for this movie is some variation of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (My favorite children’s song, RUINED!).

Luna wins the pumpkin carving contest because she is a surgeon with some serious knife skills. The Serrano family takes pumpkin carving VERY seriously, we spend hours laboring to have the best pumpkins on the block. So, it was insulting that THIS was the winning pumpkin.

Winning Pumpkin

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 3.56.34 PM.png

My brother, Joe’s Pumpkin

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 4.10.28 PM.png


Overall rating

  Pumpkin_Emoji_Icon.png (1 Pumpkin)

🍷🍷🍷(3 glasses of wine required)


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