Wicked Moms Club (2017 Lifetime)

Wicked Moms Club (2017 Lifetime)

Cast: Jessica BlackmoreVirginia TuckerAshley Wood Garcia

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Mandy is a new mom in town, and at first, she is welcomed to a circle of elite moms, but when her daughter outperforms power mom Olivia’s daughter, she finds herself ostracized.


The movie is beginning dark. A woman cries and repeats that she is a “great mom” before killing herself. YIKES!

Mandy and her daughter, Riley, are new in town and are welcomed by a casual mom Suki who is quickly shuffled away by the buttoned-up PTA president, Olivia. Olivia’s daughter Chelsea is in gymnastics and is assigned to show Riley around because they will be teammates. Mandy, Olivia, and Olivia’s wig meet the other mean moms: Colleen and Reyna. 

At gymnastics practice, Chelsea dominates. That is until Riley takes the balance beam and almost sticks the landing. Olivia makes a loud crash distracting her. Chelsea invites Riley over for a sleepover, and Olivia invites Mandy to have martinis and forces her husband Beau to take the kids home so she can drink. (I like Olivia!) 

The mean moms drink and hit on waiters. Mandy turns down another round of drinks because she is a lightweight. On the drive home. (Olivia hired a driver.) Mandy opens up about her husband leaving her, her blog, and Riley’s troubled past with drugs. (It is the reason they relocated.) Olivia is sympathetic and offers to help with everything; she promises to keep the conversation private. 

Olivia comes over the next day for yoga and brings over hand me downs for Mandy like she is a charity case. Then they go to a PTA meeting where Olivia shades Suki behind her back. The single mom are all vying for a single father and architect, Ellis. He asks Mandy out on a date, causing Colleen and Reyna to get jealous. More jealousy happens when Riley outperforms Chelsea in a gymnastic match. Olivia threatens the coach when she moves Chelsea to the second position. Mandy notices the shift in Olivia’s attitude towards her. 

At a pitch meeting with advertisers for her blog, anonymous comments, and a link to her daughter’s risky blog tanks, Mandy’s chances at monetizing her blog. (Can I just say as a blogger that this is not how it works.) Mandy has martinis with Olivia, who lends a (fake) sympathetic ear and manipulates Mandy into being suspicious that her daughter is on drugs again. 

Ellis offers to talk to Mandy and help her sort things out. She shares that Olivia could be behind the comments and blog that got Mandy fired. Mandy also tells him about a threatening note she received about becoming the next suicide victim. Ellis listens, makes lattes, and offers to look into the IP address for the nasty comments. Then he calls Mandy a wreck and kisses her. (Romantic?)

A rumor goes around school that Mandy is a man stealing whore. Ellis is technically still married. Mandy confronts Ellis, and he tells her that he is separated. Mandy feels like Olivia is setting her up. In the middle of the night, someone smashes Mandy’s car window and spray paints “Slut” on the garage. Then Riley fails her drug test and is kicked off the team.

Riley gets in a fight with some teammates, but it is just the catalyst for the REAL right between Mandy and Olivia. They scream. “STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER.” While clawing each other’s eyes out.

Mandy is pulled over for reckless driving, and the police find pills and arrest her. Mandy’s ex-husband bails her out but takes Riley with him to keep her safe. Depressed and lonely, Mandy pours herself a LARGE glass of wine. She calls Ellis and sets up a meeting. He tells her that he traced the IP address back to the country club. 

Mandy is revitalized and out for revenge. She talks to Suki and Ellis at a cafe. Suki shares that Olivia wrecked her life and destroyed the woman from the beginning of the movie because Olivia suspected her of sleeping with Beau. They plot revenge on Olivia and plan to prove she was embezzling money from a school construction project. They even recruit Olivia’s daughter to take her down.

The dominos start falling. Olivia’s membership is revoked from the country club. At a PTA function, the slide show is interrupted by Chelsea, who is the “pain inside” blogger. She turns on her mother and exposes her mother for who she is. Mandy gives a Mean Girls speech, but Olivia interrupts and calls Mandy “white trash.” and “crazy.” Suki backs up Mandy’s claims and presents the papers to prove embezzlement and blackmailing. Colleen and Reyna turn on their friend too. Then the whole room turns against Olivia. Olivia goes to slap Mandy but hits the sheriff. She is taken away in handcuffs for assaulting an officer. Bye Olivia!

Mandy has a successful viral blog about anti-bullying. She gives a press conference in the middle of PTA meeting. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Suki, Reyna, Taylor, Rafel, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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